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Are you living the lifestyle you should inhabit during this quarantine?

Are the following things part of your ” Quarantine Lifestyle” as well?

Getting up when you wish to, and not when your parents want you to, checking out social media before even brushing teeth, eating many more times, binge-watching TV series- movie whole night and this seems same as eat, phone, series, sleep repeat isn’t it?

But, for a better lifestyle, you can follow these things and accomplish them

Let’s see what can be done!

These are the basics fundamental trends one must care about to gain a better lifestyle.

  1. Take Care of Health
  1. Gaining Knowledge
  1. Apply it for continuous 21 day
  1. Money? Of course, fundamental to apply all the above steps in sequence.

1. Take Care of Health

Health can be improved by following these steps- 2L water, exercise, 8H sleeps etc
Source- flickr

For Ensuring good health, every individual can follow the following to make it better for you-

  • Early to bed and early to rise make a men healthy and wise.
  • Regular Exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Having not more than four time meal during the day.
  • Calm yourself and stay away from rumours.

2. Gaining Knowledge

Knowledge is the power to fight everything
source- svgsilh

Manage your time to get proper time for learning.

Here is how you can learn in an easy way.

  • Whatever you have learnt, “revise” it for ten minutes daily. Just not to forget what you have learnt before.
  • “Read books” of your interest.
  • “Raise questions” as a learner.
  • “Be focused”.

3. Practise it for 21 days

“There is a theory of 21 days, that if you repeat the same thing for 21 days it can evolve as your habit”.

real change is not an event, change requires repetition.

So, we can say that its to build a habit.

4. Money

Bit coin image from Google

Source- google

As money plays a vital role in the completion of all the above. Just because if you don’t have enough money then you will definitely neglect good meal, fitness, time, books and everything else.

Thus, before all aim your goals, and run toward it. One day all will be yours!

In Total :

Health+knowledge +habit=lifestyle of an ideal person

To acquire a better life, you can add these things in your Quarantine lifestyle and you will definitely see the difference.

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