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Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as toxic friends and follies


A person maintains ample number of relationships in his life. FRIEND-A word that has been instilled in the life of a person after his parents is very common. Alternatively, friends are beautiful companions when life gives you a turn to surpass. A friend helps you in times of need regardless of his own problems. A good friend never says no to you nor leaves you in case of troubles. Clearly, every single coin has two sides. True friends are very hard to find today. But toxic friends are the fastest communicators who can dispatch your life into pieces. 

good friends v/s toxic friends

Friendship showcases several events in this big life. Apart from being closer to the closest in every situation, friends also misunderstand things that lead to the arousal of a “friendly foe”. A toxic friendship never understands the beauty of a real and true friendship. It destroys the mental peace and agony of a person. Toxic friends complicate your life to a certain extent. They never want you to be happy in future. Who is a toxic friend? What are the aspects of toxic friendship? How do we find real and toxic people? How to stay away from a toxic friendship? These are some questions that merit mention in this case.


jealousy and toxic friend

Obviously, toxicity in a friendship is visible when jealousy meets a person. Professional achievements, personal happiness, love from people around and blessed with a talent are causes of jealousy to arouse in a friend. This can indirectly lead to misunderstandings, guilt, regular dispatches, distance and ultimately a friend becomes “toxic”. Importantly, inability to match up with your friend’s status-be it personal or professional, and a failure to implement your friend’s behavior somewhat makes you greedier towards his/her pursuits.

Toxic friends even feel envious of their beautiful friends. They start getting conscious towards their own body language, the clothes they wear and also their looks that bother them the most. Jealousy is never a reason to proclaim fights. However, some people are so engrossed in bothering others’ lives that they turn vicious and destroy their own self. When friendship becomes unhealthy, the most common starting is jealousy that awakes their reason to break apart.


is your toxic friend a backbiter?

Friendships and workplaces almost seem to be similar when it comes to people. Unquestioningly, toxic friends criticise their competitors at every level. Backbiting, a phenomena that lures its capability in criticism, is one of the favourite pastimes of your sudden “toxic friend”. Putting a mask in front of you and grabbing an eye with others by talking ill in the absence of you is seen as a perfect coordination in these people. Toxic friends never leave a stone unturned in letting you down. They will make the craziest remarks about you to other people.

Indeed, toxicity is not a game of maturity. Toxicity levels up when these people shoot out the most irritating and aggressive comments in your absence to your appreciators. Toxic people cannot digest your well wishers as well. They will steer clear from your friend circle and will never let themselves join in. Holding grudges and making impulsive judgements when you are not around makes the day of this villainous nature-lovers. Every time you see yourself hung up with newly-cooked coaxes, be aware that it can be your “friend” who is doing the needful!


behavior of a toxic friend

Particularly, when people make new friends, they are not wholly aware of how their new friends are. Normally, people meet up, text each other, ask the whereabouts of a person and trust their friendship to some extent. In case of a toxic friend, these normal things are not so normal as it seems. A toxic friend will never open up to you at any cost. He/she will skip the questions regarding their personal lives. A toxic friend will never appreciate your success. Unlike your other good friend circle, this individual will never show any interest in whatever activity you are engrossed into.

A toxic friend will always push you into depression by listing out your inabilities, the things in which you are not so good at. This toxicity level will not stop here. Without a doubt, a toxic friend will never support you in any way-be it good or bad. This person will never make any efforts to know more about you or your personal life. One severe habit that a toxic person holds is of-lying. Indeed, trusting and bonding nature is not included in a liar’s life. Similarly, a toxic friend will always remain in a detachment rule. He/she will only be bothered about your stardom and the way you control your life. A toxic friend is not so good at keeping secrets. Backbiting and projecting you wrong remains the only loyal works that they carry with themselves. Definitely, such people don’t deserve a genuine hand into a good friendship.


how to end a toxic friendship?

Importantly, whenever you make friends, handle it partially. Ending a toxic friendship is as tough as striking a chord with the audience during a live concert! If a toxic friend is making trouble with you, or if you have got to know that you are in the middle of a fix, then start early. Avoid any contact with your toxic friend for sometime. Be alone when the matter worsens. Help yourself rather than asking help. Don’t try to expose your toxic friend immediately. Don’t be a fool by being angry at that friend all of a sudden. Try to improvise yourself. Make a list of your good friends and try to discuss your issues with them when the time seems right. Never backbite like your toxic friends. Act smart.

Keeping calm and composed will help you to think of reasons why your friend hates you. Maintain distance at regular intervals. Don’t spam around. Re-revise your friendship and observe how many personal details you have shared with that toxic friend. Try to make balance by talking to him/her clearly. Learn to appreciate yourself rather than be in depression because of a broken friendship. Get yourself surrounded by your family members and discuss your problems. Try to neglect your toxic friend. Stop meeting up. Start following your mind and let it go what has happened so far. 


Friendships are one of the loveliest combinations that God created along with humanity. It guides us, shows a light of empathy to us and at the same time teaches lessons that are bound to be learnt by us. Indeed, toxic friendships are very bitter. This can be due to unhealthy peer pressure, inability to express ideas and thoughts and also due to inferiority complexes that are very common in today’s youth. Always try to be secretive when it comes to your personal life. Trust is very necessary when it comes to friendships. But at the same time, know about your friend in detail. Try to check the background of your new friend, whenever you make one. Don’t trust blindly.

Maintain a certain distance until and unless you are not sure about the person you befriended with. Find out who your real friends are. Never hide anything from your genuine well wishers as well as family members. Let out a hand of peace and a healthy bond with good friends. Don’t waste time in a toxic friendship by knowing everything. If a person misunderstands you or your sentiments, then there is no point in teaching good values to him/her. Breathe an air of good people around. True friends are like gems. Find a gem and be blessed with it forever!

life without toxic friends

Life becomes easier when you delete the negative people around you


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