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Top Indian Fashion influencers on Instagram to follow

Gone are the days when Bollywood celebrities were enough for brands. In this new age of digitalization, buyers are more informed and look for realistic products. Hence fashion influencers have become very important for marketers.

Now with over 25 million Instagram influencers business profiles, Brands have a wide variety to choose from and collaborate. Reports suggest that influencer marketing has 11x more ROI than traditional display ads.

How to choose Instagram Influencers

As a Brand, you need to be careful about which fashion influencers to partner with. A recent study shows that Indian Instagram influencers have over 16million fake followers (the third-highest number globally after the US and Brazil).

So There are a few parameters which you should always look for while choosing fashion influencers for your brand.

1. Engagement:

You cant go for the influencer who has a good number of followers but not the engaging audience. At the end of the day, you want people to talk about your brand.

2. Relevance :

Is the influencer matching with your brand? .Influencers and brand identity should match with each. Does the influencer’s audience consist mainly of Gen Z or Gen Y? Do you sell to Gen Z or Gen Y? These are few things to consider while you’re assessing the relevance of the influencer.

3.Quality of Content:

If we talk about digital marketing “content is the king”. Therefore, Influencer should have fresh, innovative and engaging content. If the content is not engaging then you cant choose them.

4.Followers :

Buyers are becoming more smart and realistic nowadays. Hence influencers with a good number of followers are of no use if they can’t persuade your buyer.


This is the final stage to collab with an influencer. Moreover always keep ROI in mind if you are a new player in the market. Because famous influencers come with a huge price.

So here is a list of top fashion influencers to star with

1.Komal Pandey

  • Komal Pandey is an Indian fashion blogger and YouTuber.
  • She is an inspiration to start affordable fashion with. You give her anything she can give you hundreds of ideas to wear the same stuff.
  • Furthermore she has recently won two Cosmopolitan awards – Popular Choice Best Fashion Blogger (female) and Popular Choice Best Beauty Vlogger.
  • She has currently 966k followers, you can check her Instagram on @komalpandeyofficial.

2.Shreya Jain

  • Shreya is known for her beauty and fashion blogging and YouTube channel. Moreover on YouTube, she is popularly known by her name “sjlovesjewelry”. 
  • Additionally, she is India’s first-ever Blogger who has an entire line of products on her name taking her YouTube fame a step forward.
  • You can follow her on Instagram account @shreyajain26, with 369k followers at the moment.

3.Debasree Banerjee

  • This Bengali beauty is one of the top women social media influencers in India.
  • She tries to keep her views updated with upcoming launches. Moreover her detailed makeup tutorials and reliable product reviews are of great help to users.
  • Consequently she won the Cosmopolitan’s Editor’s Panel Best Beauty Blogger award.
  • Follow her Instagram account @debasreee which has 269k followers at the moment.

4.Ankita Chaturvedi

source :instagram
  • Meet this engineering graduate Diva from IIT Bombay. Ankita’s makeup tutorials are easy to follow for beginners.
  • Furthermore you can find her honest reviews on almost all top Indian products.
  • To know more follow her on Instagram @Corallistablog with 268k followers.

5.Ankita Katuri

  • Ankita never considered herself as an influencer.
  • For her, Instagram is the place she expresses herself and her creativity. Moreover, she perfectly displays Indian beauty, as Ankita is often seen in sarees and amazing jewellery that compliments the costume.
  • You can follow her on Instagram @kitakaturi, with 158k followers at the moment

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