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A decent investigator and thriller stories. Whether it takes place within an English state house or journeys across global boundaries, reminds booklovers of this thrilling but important truth. Investigators might be charismatic, unusual professionals like Agatha Christie’s “And then there were none” or Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”.

But in both statehouse and ethnicities, their purpose is analogous. They tie different persons and societies as they rebuild occasions, and increase the likelihood that, whoever dragged the trigger or managed the venom, we all share more or less duty for letting such things to occur.

The collection below, I think, reveals the genre’s variety. What links these books, for all their artistic variation, is an obsession with links between individuals and societies and a wish to discover the repercussions of every deed, thoughtful or accidental.

1. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

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Everything is under suspicion when it comes to the conspiracy-thriller world of Dan Brown. “The Da Vinci Code”, a well-investigated page-turner brings enough food to conspiracy nerds which is full of secret societies, religious sects, and violent revenge.

Robert Langdon, Harvard Lecturer of symbology, gets an urgent late-night call while in Paris. It was about the death of the warden of the Louvre Museum. Together with the body is a series of mystifying ciphers. Langdon and a gifted French cryptologist, Sophie Neveau, are surprised to find a trail. That leads to the works of  Da Vinci – and further.

The warden, part of a secret society named the Priory of Sion. That may have surrendered his life to keep secret the location of an immensely important religious relic unseen for centuries. It seems that the secret Vatican-sanctioned Catholic division Opus Dei has now made its move. Unless Langdon and Neveau can decipher the difficult code and rapidly assemble the pieces of the puzzle, the Priory’s secret – and a spectacular historical truth – will be lost forever.

2. And Then There were None by  Agatha Christie

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The Agatha Christie novel “AND THEN THERE WERE NONE” is an all-time classic murder mystery thriller for the mystery lovers.

The story starts with eight visitors being invited to a remote island under different alleged reasons. None of them has ever encountered each other and their host. When these people reach their journey’s end, an enormous castle on the Soldier Desert island. But unfortunately, they found that their hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Owen, is not present to receive them. Instead, they were greeted by the butler and his wife.  

The huge mansion was well equipped and was stocked with all the stuff required for these guests. All these ten people, at some point in their life, were embarrassed by such an act that resulted in the death of some person. These were such actions – cases of intentional murder and all quite unchallenged by the law.

Someone knows about the dark secrets of these guests and after the death of one of the members at the night of arrival, begins the ugly game of hiding and seek in which murders were committed as per the old nursery rhyme framed and mounted on the walls of all the bedrooms.

Loved by many as one of the best mystery-thrillers of all times, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE was also considered for film adaptations in different parts of the world. This Agatha Christie bestseller must find a place in your bookshelf.

3.  SHUTTER ISLAND By Dennis Lehane

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THE Shutter Island is a novel by American novelist Dennis Lehane, published by HarperCollins in April 2003. A film edition was out in February 2010. The novel has been altered into a film by director Martin Scorsese, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio as Teddy Daniels, Ben Kingsley as Dr. Cawley, Mark Ruffalo as Chuck Aule, and Max von Sydow as Dr. Naehrin.

US Marshal Teddy Daniels has come to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane, to find a fugitive murderer named Rachel Solando.

As a murderer hurricane stands down on the island, the question mounts. How has a barefooted woman run away from a locked room? Who is leaving them evidence in the form of mysterious codes? And what goes on in Ward C?

The closer Teddy gets to the fact, the more mysterious it becomes. And the more he opens to believe that he may never leave Shutter Island. Because someone is trying to drive him foolish…

4. The Krishna Key By Ashwin Sanghi

If you were thinking of picking up a thriller of an Indian author, our very own Indian Dan Brown, Ashwin Sanghi is ideal for you. Ashwin Sanghi’s bestseller “The Krishna Key” is one of the finest action-packed mythological-thrillers where the series of murders happen with the background of ancient Indian stories such as the story of Mahabharata and the story of Krishna.

In this heart-stopping tale, a slayer who executes his horrible and fiercely thought-out patterns in the name of God was out to depict an ancient secret- Krishna’s invaluable inheritance to mankind.

Historian Ravi Mohan Saini must gaspingly run from the underwater ruins of Dwarka and also the mystifying lingam of Somnath to the icy heights of Mount Kailash, in a quest to get the key location of Krishna’s most prized possession. From the sand-washed ruins of Kalibangan to a Vrindavan temple destroyed by Aurangzeb, Saini must also look into ancient times to prevent a gross miscarriage of justice.

Ashwin gets you yet another thoroughly investigated whopper of a conspiracy while providing an unbelievable alternative clarification of the Vedic Age that will be enjoyed by conspiracy fans and thriller addicts alike.


The Snow Tiger, in my opinion, was the best thriller book ever that I have read written by Desmond  Bangley. The story of a man who has to go back to NZ to face his demons. And there was plenty of waiting for him. The story unfolds with flashbacks to previous years to explain the reasons for all the bad blood. The climax comes as the story comes to its assumption and it’s as fascinating as the story has been. If you’re new to Desmond Bangley, then try this one first…….you’ll like it..!

Night of Error, a story of man’s greediness and unkindness, sadly somethings just never change. A pleasant story and worth a read.


Detectives are persons who change, finding links between people, places and time. They are also professional booklovers of evidence, people, and situations. During the lockdown, these books can take us somewhere else and tell us again that reading is an imagined act, a way of reaching out and trying to link with others.

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