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Success and Happiness: How are they related to each other?

a man who expresses happiness and freedom
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When we enter our teenage, we often start feeling different emotions and search for success as well as happiness. The truth is nobody is sure what is the true meaning of happiness and success. You can only find out when you experience it yourself. One such aspect of success is people always measure that with your career and how much money you make.

Conventional Thinking about Success

It has always been the conversation that if you make a lot of money, you will eventually be happy and be considered successful. But it’s not necessary for that to happen. You could be making a lot of money, buy lavish properties, fancy cars, and live an expensive lifestyle and still be sad. On the other hand, you could live a simple lifestyle and yet be very happy with your situation.

expression of going through a dark phase of life. Under pressure, not able to follow his dreams.
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For example, let’s take a sales guy who is able to meet targets efficiently and is getting paid well. The chances of him being happy with his job will be dicey. And that is because he might not like his job but is doing it because he didn’t explore much. He didn’t put in much effort to explore his interests and went with the flow. On the outside, people would see the inflow of cash into his pockets and just assume that he is happy with his job.

What is the right thinking about success?

If we observe closely, we will find out that society has been thinking this mechanism backward. According to them, if you are successful in your career, then you are happy. But if you closely think and apply it logically, you would be more successful if you are happy. It is the other way around. With happiness comes optimism, urge to perform better, obsession with what you like to do, grit, and a fire within you to develop yourself to the point that you become a domination machine.

Sheer happiness is the real success. Expression of a man showing how happy he is.
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Let’s look at an example. There is a person A who dreams to become a Space Engineer or as we call it an Aeronautical Engineer, but his family forces him to take a safer route of working at a bank just so he can earn a decent amount. His family would see him as a successful person, but he knows exactly how he feels. Hence, we can say his dreams are crushed and he isn’t happy.

The second scenario would be if he is allowed to work the way he wants, and gets a job of his choice which isn’t safe as that of a bank. Yes, it is scary but when things go your way, you can change the levels of risk by working hard. And hard work comes from interest and dedication. To conclude, we can say that when you’re happy, you can be more successful because it allows you to work even more hard, be innovative, and give your 100%.

What does the Journey towards success looks like?

Self Introspection

Self introspection is key to happiness and success.
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Ask yourself, whatever I am doing, is it making me happy? Is it taking me closer to my dreams? Is it making me skilled or better as a person? If the answer to all these questions is a NO, then you might want to reconsider your choices.

Start Saving at an Early Age

Saving money from an early age gives you cushion of cash and act as a provision.
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Money is a resource that is more powerful than our own choices. Of course, happiness alone will not pay your bills and other expenses. But if you don’t come to a situation where you have to sacrifice your happiness just for money, you’re already in advantage. Read more about how to be financially free here.

Have a Side Hustle

working should not stop for you in order to chase your dream. A REGULAR workspace being shown.
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With respect to the above-mentioned point, we all can agree that we need money to survive and sustain us as well as our families. If you plan to fulfill your dream, then you must back it up with a job or a side hustle. Having a provision is equally important as taking risks.

Enjoy every small victory and privilege

happiness and success comes when you are grateful.
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When you change your mindset to such an ecosystem where you celebrate every small victory and are grateful for every small gift you have, you eventually stop complaining about things that you do not have, thus leading to happiness.


If all of this is still confusing to you about what is the reality, let me tell you. The relationship between success and happiness is that they are the face of each other. In reality, the true meaning of success is when you’re happy. By this do I mean that you will still be happy if you do not have money? Of course not! Money gives you comfort in life, which is very much necessary. Everyone should chase to earn more money. But the real regret is when you make a lot of money and still aren’t happy with what you have. That’s when you will realize the true meaning of success and happiness.

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