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The power of morning rituals

“Morning rituals” is been in trend for quite a long time. A lot of people practice it. But what exactly does it mean? Morning rituals are creating a set your habits that you follow continuously every single day without skipping. It could be your skincare, meditation, early morning workout, morning walks, jogs, journal writing. Anything that helps you feel energized in the morning. A ritual that will help you get ready to be productive for the whole day. And the best part is you don’t need to follow what others are doing. You create your own morning schedule that suits you, something that you are always ready to do. And here is how it impacts you.

A positive start with morning rituals

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Waking up with a positive mind and having a kick start for the day just doesn’t happen on its own. Having a positive start is a mindset. And mindset is a game-changer. Believe it or not, it is the only thing that defines the key features of your personality. It decides your hustle, energy management, and so many things. When you create a morning ritual your mind knows that it is the first thing you will be doing in the morning. So when you wake up, your energy starts syncing with your pre-set schedule.

Fresh mind

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While you are on your morning ritual your mind will align itself with the getting tasks done mood. Which is an initial start of getting organized. When you plan out your priorities for the day. You know whether you have space for unnecessary things or not. You would eventually spend less time on social media and more time in your in-person life. Having your priorities handy you can easily figure out when you should say yes to the new opportunity, task, or client. Because you can multi-task but to some extent after crossing that you will end messing your own mental peace.

Organized layout

When you follow your morning ritual daily it starts resonating with your energy. And positive vibes always attract positivity. Whether it be your family members or colleagues. Your energy and mood resonate with your personality. And so does your ritual. Following something for a long period creates an impact. And slow progress adds up to big results. The better you become the more it starts creating an impact on people around you. Not just morning rituals help you in organizing your energy but it indirectly organizes your life too.

Planning your own morning rituals

While planning a morning ritual might seem challenging while in reality, it’s not. If you know what works best for you in the morning just sum up a few habits or hobbies and follow them regularly. That will be your morning ritual. If you don’t know what will be the first thing to create a morning ritual. Here are some things that people do a morning ritual.

  • Morning walks
  • Listening motivational podcats
  • Warm water+lemon = detox, and improves metabolism
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journal writing 
  • Planning goals for the day
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Spending time in nature

These are the ordinary habits that create an extraordinary change in your life.


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Morning rituals are definitely that one thing that everyone must add. It helps you align your energy with goals. It reduces the chances of wasting your day out of boredom or laziness. Because you already know what you are supposed to do today. It detoxifies your energy and mental health. Brings a lot of joy and peace. So if you haven’t had a ritual yet go get one. It just needs some time and your mindset.


November 19, 2020
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