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indian food delights

Ten Indian Authentic Must Try Food Delights

From low-fat steamed idlis to burnt smoky fish, purely vegetarian undhiyu to butter chicken, plain jeera rice to spicy Hyderabadi biryani, healthy sarso ka saag to not so healthy kachora, Indian cuisine harbors the most amazing food delights.

The variation Indian cuisine has, can’t be found in any other part of the world. The selection of spices, consistency of the batter, the thickness of the dough, every step in the preparation of a meal has its own importance. While you are aware of numerous Indian dishes, there are some of them you might be unaware of, and skipping them isn’t an option if you are fond of flavors and food.

So here’s unveiling the must try Indian authentic food delights.


            Also known as Rogan ghost, this dish comes from paradise on earth, Kashmir. It has a characteristic aroma due to a special ingredient, the alkanet flower. Traditionally made of red meat and Kashmiri chilies, it has a curry-like consistency and is one of the signature recipes of Kashmir. Its velvety texture will make you fall for it in the first bite itself. If you get a chance to visit Srinagar try this delicacy at Ahdoo’s, a famous restaurant there.


Believe it or not, this kathiyawadi recipe has got 21 vegetables, 4 different types of lentils, and selected spices. This heavenly recipe reflects health and tastes amazing simultaneously. It is eaten along with bajra rotla which is an Indian bread made up of a type of millet. You can experience its authentic taste at any gujrati restaurant but Jamnagar in Gujarat serves the most famous ghuto in India.

Source – theroutetoroots

3. Chingri macher malai curry

The next in the list finds its origin in West Bengal and Malaysia as well. The silky smooth yet surprisingly light gravy lobster or prawn dish is made in coconut oil. This dish is considered to be special and is served at weddings. This versatile dish is loved by almost every Bengali and you can also get a chance to fall in love with it at The Bhoj company, Kolkata which is known to serve the most authentic Bengali food delights.

Chingri macher malai curry- bengali food delights
Source – Pinterest


Kappa is the Malayali word for tapioca. Sabudana that we eat is made from the root of tapioca. Kappa curry is a famous delight of Kerala and is cooked in coconut oil. It has a tinge of tamarind and tastes best with steamed rice. While you can enjoy this recipe at any South Indian based restaurant, the best of this is served in Malayali weddings over a banana leaf.


You might be thinking that there is some spelling glitch and it must be kachori, but it is not so. Kachora is a giant version of kachori. It is made of lentils and spices. Nasirabad in Rajasthan is famous for making this 700gm kachora and it also supplies it online. People of Rajasthan are crazy for this giant kachori and Chawannilaal halwai in Nasirabad sells it offline and online as well.

KACHORA- rajasthani food delights
Source –


This nawabi recipe comes straight from Lucknow. It is necessary to take the utmost care of the amount of spices. Chefs even use a weighing machine for this purpose. Nihari is a stew that consists of a velvety gravy made of flour and cooked mutton flavored by adding a multitude of spices. From the royal kitchen of Mughals, traditionally it was cooked all night and served to the kings the next morning. Kallu nihari in Daryaganj, Delhi is well known for serving amazingly tasty Nihari.

7. Rosep

This might not look so tempting to you but has a flavorsome taste. Rosep is the signature dish of Nagaland which is actually a bowl full of healthy vegetables with flavors of fermented bamboo shoots and dry fish. Rather than serving it hot, this is weirdly served after it completely cools down or even on the next day. Chow down in Mumbai boasts the North- East Indian cuisine with the spices being sourced from Arunachal Pradesh directly.

rosep- arunachali food delight
Source – At my Kitchen


Kothimbir is nothing special but the most common ingredient used in an Indian kitchen, coriander and Vadi is the Marathi word for slices. It is basically coriander in gram flour and spices. Rather than directly deep frying it like the usual fritters, interestingly it is steamed first and then fried. If you have serious fitness goals you can enjoy this mouthwatering dish just steamed. So if you have a Maharashtrian friend ask them for a Kothimbir Vadi treat or have it on the streets of Mumbai.


People who are not from Bihar might get this confused with boiled eggs at first glance but Pitha is the most vegetarian thing you can ever have in Bihar. Resembling the shape of dumplings, this is cooked in mustard oil which has a lot of health benefits and consists of rice flour and spicy lentil filling. This gluten-free dish is served with the most loved beverage of Indians, masala chai. Bihar may be famous for desi katta but you can get these desi dumplings at Bihar ki rasoi, New Delhi.


South Indian foods usually have bananas as a hero ingredient. But this Assamese chicken is made by using banana flowers which stands for koldil. It has the warmth of ginger along with green cardamom. Assamese consider chicken to be a taboo. So, they avoid it due to the story of ‘kukkurkatta’ attached to it. You may find cooking this a bit difficult at home, so if you happen to visit Assam try this banana flower dish at Bambusa restaurant in Assam.

Food is the ingredient that binds Indians together. You must be slurping your saliva after getting through the most amazing yet underrated dishes. The flavors, aroma, and look of any dish tempt us to eat it. So, that’s all for this blog, I hope you will surely try all of these authentic food delights.

Bon appetit!

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