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Art of motivation

Do you think motivation is a key to success?

Courage - Most important factor in life

First of all, preceding our topic we need to understand what does ‘motivation’ actually means?

Motivation is the key factor in the journey of success. Success not only in terms of finances but also in terms of relationships, health, and spiritual life.

In this article we will find the answers to the following questions.

1.What is motivation?

2. Why we need motivation?

3. What are the essentials of motivation?

4. How we can motivate ourselves as well as others?

5. Does really motivation a key to success?

In simple words, motivation is a part of a journey that leads to success. Life takes an exam at every moment in which one has to prove its importance.

What our mind thinks?

Whenever we get defeated, the first thing that strikes our mind is why this always happens to me only, I don’t have the potential to do it, why I’m not like others, etc. You become depressed and hopeless. To overcome this situation, the thing that propels you is MOTIVATION.

Path of success is Motivation
Motivation- Your path to success

In the path of achieving your goal, many hurdles await you. Here is the time where you must not lose your hope instead you fight against it. The kind of motivation in the form of your inspiration, motivational quotes, stories or videos, etc. This is my father’s dream, I want to make my family proud, I want to serve for my country, etc. There must be a clear thought in your mind that keeps you motivated throughout your life.

To achieve success, the person should be sharp-minded, determined, and dedicated.

One can get motivation by reading mythological books like Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. or listening to preachings of famous saints like Gaur Gopal Das, etc.

This is a natural human thought. But if you want to stand out from the crowd you must think differently. Think of your defeat as the opportunity to achieve something big and even great than before.

How you must think to become successful?

Everything that happens has something positive behind it, might be it’s the chance for you to achieve your goal. Everything happens for a reason so always try to find positive and inspiring from it.

Not every finger of yours is equal. Similarly, in this world everyone has its plus point. 

The above thinking can be achieved by your attitude, especially the positive attitude.

Stay active, stay long
Keep your mind active with following factors

In a famous novel, Attitude is Everything by Jeff Keller proves the importance of a positive attitude in your life.

You must think, speak, and act. These are the three key points that will surely make you able to reach the height of success. 

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has also motivated a lot of people in this world. A person should say the following things to himself every morning-

I’m the best. I can do it. God is always with me. I am a winner. Today is my day.

Never ever switch to your past because that time can’t come again so learn from your mistakes. “NEVER GO BACK”

Everything is possible
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’M POSSIBLE

When you become motivated, you surely can motivate others, enlighten them with your thoughts. The relationship between motivation and time as both are equally important to achieve success.

Above all, we can say that MOTIVATION plays a vital role in achieving success. One must not sit idle waiting for the fate to do for its survival. No, it’s not the right thing. Instead do smart and hard work so that you can fix your destiny as giant as mountains.

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18 thoughts on “Do you think motivation is a key to success?

    1. But In my perception Insiperation is work much better then motivation….It is something that emerge out within it self …you don’t need any one to motivate you…Well I m not well famous author …but it’s my Experience

  1. Its good to read ur post, add to that, practicality is gr8er than motivation in Indian context. Futher one should follow good deeds..

  2. Last point I liked that we can’t depend simply what our fate will do to us instead we should step forward to achieve what we want in our life.
    Good work Shubhi.

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