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Plastic Commination – Can we take it anymore?

We all are aware of what plastic is and why is it dangerous to the ecosystem. But we all are being stubborn even when the earth is giving us red flags. Have you ever wondered how much plastic is dumped in the ocean every year? Or what happens to it in the water?

It takes 450 years to decompose plastic in water bodies, and 1000 years to decompose in landfills. India itself consumed 16.5 million tonne plastic in 2017-18, 43% of which was just used for packaging. The plastic used for packaging is single-use plastic.

Use in daily life

use of plastic in daily life
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The numbers and stats about plastic are surely overwhelming. Yet we continue to use plastic in our day to day lives, without giving a single thought to it. Plastic is a good source of packaging but it is not necessary to buy it. Just look around, every 4 out 5 things will have plastic in it. It can be single-use or not. But plastic has involved with us at such integrity that it feels impossible to imagine our life without it.

Types of plastic

The plastic is divided into seven types. The division is made on the product type and the benefit it provides. Not all types are hazardous, some are easily decomposable while others need a complex process for decomposition. Some are single-use while some can be used multiple times before becoming waste.

We use plastic in the form of water bottles, panels, pipes, cases, wrappers, handles, utensils, gadgets, and the list will take forever before termination. Because that’s how it has been ruling human lives for decades.

Threat in disguise

plastic is a threat in disguise
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The enormous amount of plastic production proves that we have exhausted our capacity to decompose it. So to make it simpler, some smart gentlemen came up with an idea. To dump it all in the ocean. Because if we don’t see it, it does not exist for us. Nearly 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year. We can’t even calculate the number of years it will take for full decomposition.

Moreover, we are further adding more to it the very next year, and the cycle of dumping trash in the ocean goes on. No wonder we will be swimming in trash very soon. We are killing marine life cruelly. A lot of aquatic animals are killed by the consumption of plastic and we are not bothered by this fact. Why? Because it is not choking our breaths. But if we don’t change our habits, we won’t be able to dodge this threat anymore.

Eco- friendly habits

Dumping the plastic in landfills and water bodies is not the solution. Because it does not cease to exist if we don’t see it. Rather than running from the threat, we created. We need to come up with more effective ways to reduce it. Plastic commination is not just an issue to be discussed in school debates and administration summits. Make it a habit to adopt healthy practices. Say no to excessive plastic. If you don’t need it, no need to buy stuff wrapped in plastic. Have you ever observed the difference “Swatcha Bharat Abhiyan” brought?

the ocean takes care of us, let's return the favor
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Our surroundings were filled by the piles of garbage and hazardous trash. It was hard to imagine clean streets in India, but now our integrated efforts have made a huge difference to the image of untidy India. We made our environment neat and clean. Not just clean but we Indories proudly earn the badge of the clean city three times in a row. This is proof that if we decide to work together, we can achieve anything. It might be slow-paced to eradicate plastic. But we have to start somewhere to set the finish line.


alternatives of plastic
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Since childhood, we are taught that jute is the best eco-friendly alternative, and it is. Whether its a water bottle or a carry bag, handbag, or baskets. Jute is the best eco-friendly solution for it. Another solution is silicone. Unlike plastic silicone does not break down into hazardous micro-particles. It is eco-friendly and is a good replacement option in the industry. A lot of small and big enterprises are also creating eco-friendly solutions in the industry, to reduce pollution in every possible way. Such as creating chemical-free clothes, dyes, furniture, accessories, etc. Leading us to minimalism and eco-friendly life.


be the solution, not the pollution
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Till now we might have missed nature’s alerts and red-flags of danger, but this truly is a high time to realize where are we going with all of this. Because if we miss this opportunity, we all will end up creating an end of all species and life on our own planet, and surely we don’t have another planet to move on.

Let’s bring a change in us, to paint the future, more of water and greens and less of plastic breams.

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