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Minimalism: The New Way of Living Life

minimalism gives you freedom
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We’ve heard the idea of minimalism before. Not directly, but yes. It is to live a life where we live more with less stuff. Minimalism is the practice of living where one is really paying attention to what he/she actually needs and how to avoid unnecessary things in life. These things can be materialistic items or even vague thoughts that would lead to nothing. The deeper meaning here lies that through minimalism, one can practice not only financial success but also mental peace. We can think of minimalism as a concept that brings clarity to life.

The Need for Minimalism

Take a minute to think and reflect on your life. How is it? Chaotic or very much sorted? If the answer is chaotic, then you must consider the idea of minimalism. Our brain isn’t designed to handle too many things at a time that it affects our mental health. The impact is too strong, that the need for therapists is increasing day by day. Not only it has become a business for some, but it is also considered dangerous to consult a therapist if not done wisely.

practicing minimalism has proven to boost productivity
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Sometimes people may seek therapists thinking that it is their last resort. If this fails too, the whole perspective of life may shift from affirmative to negativity very quickly. Minimalism steps into the picture to simplify your lifestyle and remove all the unnecessary elements that make it toxic, unethical, or even hazardous to co-exist. Minimalism steps into the picture to simplify your lifestyle and remove all the unnecessary elements that make it toxic, unethical, or even hazardous to co-exist. When your brain is overloaded with unnecessary information, it tends to slow down just like a computer. When a computer is filled with junk files, it tends to slow down as well, creating a hindrance to executing important functions and tasks.

Why Minimalism is popular in the modern culture?

The young and restless, as we use these words for our generation is quite adaptive to this culture of minimalism. The reason behind this is very simple. We want to get rid of something that isn’t required in our lives. Think about it, how much we go through. Careers, Relationships, Responsibilities colliding with dreams and aspirations. It can be a disaster. It requires clarity to think better. Now you would ask, How is minimalism related to the clarity of mind? ( Read more about how quarantine has affected our mental health) Trust me, it is. When you have physically fewer things, your eyes don’t see it. Hence, your brain can think of something more productive or important. This point right here makes minimalism a much wider concept than just avoiding unnecessary items in terms of materialistic things.

having less of what you do not need is a good idea
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Another very obvious reason to adopt minimalism is a wake-up call. The call that no one saw coming. Yes, we’re talking about the COVID pandemic. We are now buying fewer items as compared to earlier and living with a mindset to only purchase what is necessary. But is this going to stop after everything gets back to normal? I don’t think so. And why should it be? Being a minimalist allows you to save more money in things like clothes, electronic items and stick to only what you need. This makes you much more responsible in terms of how you handle your money, thus making you independent. Survival is the key to live in life. When you spend less and you save more, you survive.

Impact of Minimalism on our lives

minimalism helps you think better
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When you successfully deploy the concept of minimalism in your life, you can think better in your career, pay more attention to your relationships. And by this do I mean that if you’re a fashion enthusiast, then you should stop buying too many clothes? Absolutely not. Doing what you love and what interests you actually makes you happier. By this, we only mean that avoid anything unnecessary so that you can focus only on what is important and what makes you happy, in this case, fashion. So yes, buy more pairs of jeans but do not spend on going out too much if that is not your priority. Being a minimalist can be really difficult in the initial phase. But once you adapt to it, there is no looking back.

being creative is a tough task when your head is filled with junk
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It can help improve your creativity since you are now focusing only on one aspect. If you’re an artist, I would highly recommend living this lifestyle. Mentally, it makes your focus much stronger. As you’re successfully able to control yourself and your cravings, this develops mental discipline and you start to develop yourself for your own better self. All of this happens subconsciously, so you won’t realize it until you reach your goal.

Talking about goals. Minimalism, as we said helps gain clarity, thus forming good and valuable goals in life. We all stutter and struggle around to find our purpose and goal in life. When your mind gets free from all the toxicity, you see your future self more clearly and see your path forward.

FUN FACT: Getting rid of toxic people from social media or in life is also a process of minimalism.


minimalism is beautiful
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We can say that spiritual thing such as meditation, prayers, and self-introspection can lead to minimalism without any extra effort. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot adopt this and still continue along with your normal course of life. It will only make it much easier, clear, and easy.

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