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Meme Marketing: The New way to Advertise

If you want to tell a story, you need to make sure that you speak the right language and convey the message in the right manner. Well, we can agree that meme is one of the leading languages that we communicate through these days. From sharing a laugh with a friend to brands promoting their products, a meme is one of the most trendy and an incredible piece of content you can find online.

This became popular to the point that we now have a terminology namely “Meme Marketing”. Meme marketing is a subset of viral marketing where one brand uses a meme and customizes it with a promotional tag to it. Not only it is humorous but also acts as a promotional content for that brand.

Why did Meme Marketing got so popular?

we all like to connect with our friends on social media
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A good quality meme doesn’t take long enough to go viral on the internet, and what’s more exciting is people’s own renditions to the original meme so that they can relate to it much better. One single meme can have hundreds of versions, each one depicting a different scenario and an all different mood. This goes to explain that memes are very versatile when it comes to content.

The rise in meme marketing has been due to the rise in social media marketing, as memes reside within the social websites. The humour which lies within the memes is very generic and not very specific. This is the main reason why people get very addicted to memes. They need an escape from a place where no one can understand them, but a simple humorous meme can. That is what attracts them.

Benefits of Meme Marketing over Traditional Marketing

As we discussed earlier, memes can make or break the game. A good meme can be shared in millions. But here is the great part, a bad meme or a campaign with memes that did not stand up to your expectations will not break your bank. In other words, memes do not cost as much as a traditional advertising campaign. You just have to be creative enough to make sure that people relate to your meme, and at the same time, your product also gets advertised.

This brings us to the next point. Meme marketing is affordable in comparison to your traditional T.V. commercials. This makes them a perfect means of promotion for small startups, which might not have a huge budget. To pitch your product to the audience, you need to make sure that you speak their language, and that language is memes.

the better the meme, the more are the likes and shares
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Imagine you open Instagram and see an advertisement for any brand, just mentioning their products. Chances are less that you will share that content with your friend. But if you take that same post but now it is represented as memes, chances are pretty high that it might get more shares. With this, we can say that due to meme marketing, you don’t need to only get results if you spend a lot of money on advertising. You might get lucky if your post gets viral.

Future of Meme Marketing

creators are thinking outside the box to make the best meme possible
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I think memes are here to stay. With their origin back in the 1990s, memes exploded and the internet was filled with them and has been like that since mid-2000s, of course when the internet became more popular. Meme marketing has also given a push to the creative side of the media industry. This gave it a break from the same old and monotonous pitching of the products. This started the memes’ culture and is probably the most popular culture among teenagers.

Memes not only brought interest but also career opportunities with them. A new and a separate job profile of Meme Marketer can be seen and is slowly growing.


marketing done via memes is a smart move
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From dank memes to the OG memes, this new language has brought many other elements with it. And brands do not seem to be stopping behind. They want to keep up with the trend and its almost a norm to practice meme marketing. Since you already get a base from an original meme, the real creativity and the competition lies with the factor that how well you customize it. It is fascinating how the power of the consumer has forced the brands to change their marketing tactics. Not only small brands but big companies are stepping in and spending their advertising funds on creating the best possible content for the internet. Looks like humour is the new face of promoting products.




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