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Inferiority Complex: The True Compensation for Feelings

not good enough
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What was the last time when you said to yourself, “Oh, I’m not good enough”, “Will I be able to do it?”, “Only the lucky people get there.” This negative voice in your head is screaming out loud, shouting out that you are not good enough. This is your inferiority complex. Your mindset is everything here, in order to treat the inferiority complex.

What would I consider as the Inferiority Complex?

I cannot swim, and definitely cannot do a 50-meter aquatics race and beat, say an Olympic medalist. Confidently knowing the fact that I am not better than Michael Phelps ( Multi-Gold Medalist at Olympic Games) is not inferior complex until and unless I really care about swimming on a bigger scale. It’s just a normal fact that he is a professional swimmer and I am not.

confusion between truth and inferiority complex
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Instead, when I talk about the real anatomy of encountering Inferiority Complex, all it deals with is the act of lagging behind and not being good enough with the competition. Of course, you are not supposed to compare yourself with others, but when it comes to self-analysis, sometimes you cannot help yourself but set someone better than you as a benchmark. Your goal shifts from just being better than yourself to just being good enough to stand people’s expectations. This vicious cycle of trying, analyzing, and then being disappointed is the root cause of all the damage.

Why do I feel Inferior and What is the reason behind my Inferiority Complex?

anxiety kills your creativity and thus your ability to fight inferiority complex
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In one word, anxiety. That is it. When you become anxious in a manner that you start to think about whether you will be able to stand up to people’s expectations. Apart from this, the unknown fears also encounter a feeling of anxiety. Even if you achieve your current goal and its all going good, what’s next for you. It always seems like life is a race of finding new objectives and if you fail to do so at the right time, age, or period, you are inferior.

Apart from this, another feeling that literally kills your confidence is the feeling of helplessness. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to match those results which you aspire. The things you see on T.V. or in the news feel unreal when you see yourself in the same shoes.

The Reality: Is Inferior Complex really a thing?

focus only on winning
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Of course not. I mean if you take everything into consideration, even after small victories, rather than gaining high hopes for the big prize, you still feel worthless and lack the confidence to pull things off. The main reason is your brain and nothing else. Your competition should not exist in your head. Let them play on the battlefield, but not in your head. This is one of the many reasons why we require strong mentality to conquer all our fears. It plays a very major role in your success.

When you shift your focus from your competitors to your customers (in case of a business), you truly conquer everything. You should never ask more than what you deliver, even from yourself. Notice the next time you sit down in a job interview, those awkward 30 minutes in the waiting area with all the other candidates are terrible. Everyone is talking about their schools, experiences, skills and there you are counting on your nerves and not feeling good. As soon as you compare yourself to them, your brain asks for me. “Why didn’t you get more experience?” “See, now you are not good enough!” You lost this battle immediately. Your focus shifted from your interest (the job and the company) to your competitors (the candidates).


do not find the last piece of puzzle, thus feeling more inferior
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What should you do then? Well, focus on the good you already have. Sometimes we try to find the small piece of the puzzle, but even without that piece, we can still enjoy the picture. Nobody is perfect. Everybody feels the same way. Game over. If we have an honest conversation about feeling inferior to people, we will realize that they feel the same way too. And in order to hide that feeling, they come up with the “fake attitude” to show the world that they have achieved everything. Life gets very simple if communication is done right.




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