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How to stay committed with long term goals?

Long term goals are the key essentials of life planning, fuel to one’s motivation but it becomes difficult to continue when you don’t get expected results quickly.

The greed of quick results is quite common and is found in almost every individual, but the secret to success lies in patience and planning. The more you rush the process for obtaining results, the more you’ll pile degraded ones. Eventually, you’ll end up extending the process.

Why goals are important?

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Dreaming about your ideal life is surely a charismatic way to step up on seventh heaven, but turning your dreams into goals is a realistic way of building your own ideal life. A dream might have a chance to collapse but a goal has the power to answer questions of all the relevant and possible situations that might happen in the near or far future. This quality of goals increases the possibility of success and surely is enough to ignite the fire of motivation.

Keep it realistic

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Your goal could be a fitness goal, getting a job, creating a luxury lifestyle, or having a world tour. It can be as fancy as becoming a rock-star or could be as simple as having a minimalistic lifestyle, but before you jump at a conclusion in excitement, make sure you have a realistic goal. Keeping a realistic goal will cut down your hard work to half. You will get enough time to figure out if the goal suits your expectations or not. It will allow you to focus on your plus points and give you time to get organized.

Break your goal in the short-term goals

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It might be difficult to notice the results in long term goals. Divide your long term goal into short-term goals that can be easily accessible and achievable. When you start achieving these short-term goals, you will notice progress and results with better outputs. The progress of your short-term goals will pave the path of the final result, even if it takes time.

Catagorize between urgent and important

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While selecting your priorities, decide what’s urgent and what’s important. Some tasks might be important for you but not necessarily urgent for now.

For example, buying a home is an important goal for almost everyone, but before buying a home, becoming financially independent is urgent than that. Without finance, one can’t buy a home. Similarly, you might have important goals but achieving urgent goals should be a top priority.

Take a break and turn around

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As I mentioned earlier, long-term goals are in the long run. Anyone can feel exhausted while overworking to achieve things early and neatly as possible. When you start to feel slightly disconnected from your goal or lack motivation. Take a break and look at the journey you’ve covered so far, revisit your accomplishments and happy moments it brought as rewards. You will generate more motivation to fuel your remaining journey. Sometimes it’s good to slow down and appreciate your hard work.

Talk about visions

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It is really important to remind yourself what your visions are about your life and goals. When you meet different people, you get to discover some brilliant, unique, and iconic ideas. You will be inspired by visions people have for themselves, and sometimes you will inspire others to build a proper lifestyle, plan future goals, and start working on them.

Remember why you started

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There is always a reason why you created a goal and started this journey. It’s either a vision, hope, motivation, or desire for achievements. Sometimes we get persuaded by things that are not important for us, but we still start investing our time, money, productivity, creativity. It can take you off roads from your own plan. In such distracting moments remember why you started this journey of achieving long term goals. Ask yourself “Why is this important for you?”, “Does distractions worth your crucial investments?”. And in no time you will be back in your game, this time with more self-control.


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The only way to keep going towards your long-term goals is to be persistent. The more persistent you are towards your goals, the more you will be disciplined, confident, and motivated. There is not a fixed definition or mantra for achievements. Your “will-power” decides your progress and achievements. People with strong will-power are much likely to stay committed to their goals and are better at achieving even before deadlines.

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