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How to stay away from negative peer pressure?

Building a network is one of the essential parts of human nature. We are naturally designed to live in a flock. So we tend to create bonds and connections with people around us. But does any of us give it a thought “ How people around me are influencing me?”.We are hardly bothered about the direct influence people make on our life and mental health.

The Negative peer pressure

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Usually, peer pressure is generated when a person feels left out. And finds it uneasy to acknowledge that they are different from others. In a rush to feel accepted they tend to adopt the lifestyle of the people around them. Without any second thoughts of consequences, it might bring in their life.

Another reason for accepting dangerous habits is being influenced by someone to try something “ in the name of adventure” like smoking, drinking, racing, jumping off cliffs, and so on. Some peer pressure is converted into haphazard because it pushes the limits of a person until extreme ends that it becomes difficult to identify the difference between right and wrong, desirable and undesirable. Soon anyone can feel like “They are losing their mind!” or “ They are becoming someone they don’t want to be”.

It’s okay to not to be okay

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It is absolutely okay to feel low or uneasy when you are pushing your limits to feel accepted. But what’s not okay is to keep adopting toxic traits because you don’t want to be an outcast. Make peace with who you are, accept yourself. You do not need to forcefully change yourself to be accepted. Embrace your personality and say “this is me”. No need to adopt any further, try to unlearn the toxic traits. As soon as you accept who you are, people around you will automatically accept your true self.

Build your confidence

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Confidence is the key to bring positive change in your life. Believe yourself and know that you have the right to decide what you want in your life. You are the in-charge of your happiness and decisions. Never hesitate to say no to the forceful decisions. Things might get messy at start. But in order to achieve positive change be firm on decisions. Politely say you are not willing to blend in if anything does not fit in your morals.

Create a positive aura

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Create a positive mindset no matter what life throws in your way. Be consistent in becoming a better version of yourself, learn from mistakes, and bad decisions. Life is not always about achievements it is more about your experiences and perspective. Be the ray of hope you looked for. Become an inspiring source of positivity and it will be a win-win situation for you. Even in unfavorable situations, you will gain something like:-

  • Wisdom
  • Maturity
  • Sustainability
  • Motivation
  • Higher energy levels

 Walk away from negativity

This might sound like a “Hard to swallow the pill” but if your firm decisions and will power is not sufficient to block negativity from your life. Walk away from it.

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Willing to preserve your mental health is not a bad deed. So if you choose to walk away from people without any harm, respecting their choices and protecting your true self. Don’t hesitate to walk away. Sometimes it becomes difficult to fit yourself with people you admire. But people you long for aren’t always the ones to bring positive changes in your life. Cheer up this isn’t always a go-to option, you can be with your friends. This might be the rare call you’ll need to make in exceptions.

You attract what you seek

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The power of a positive attitude lies within our minds. This is a universal fact that we attract what we long for inside-out and so does the popular quote of Buddha says –

“ What we become is what think we are, we have the power to build the world the way we want”.

Positivity is cultivated in mind, it can’t be borrowed or received by someone. 

You don’t need to force yourself to think positive. Start looking for positive aspects of everything that happens around you. Slowly you will develop a habit of finding the good cause in everything that happens. Eventually, you will attract people with similar visions as yours.


Every individual at least once, twice or maybe more than that has experienced negative peer pressure. But how we deal with it and grow out of it is our power. The only thing you need to realize is, you are stronger than you believe. And have the power to grow even in difficult situations. Just believe in yourself and with a positive attitude, you are ready to conquer the world.

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