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Innovative strategies

How to boost business profits during lockdown?

Have you been the part of a startup or running a business that is in loss due to global pandemic?

And what if I say you can boost your business profit during COVID!! Isn’t it magic?! That all of your competitors are suffering for their business survival and you are making profit from your business.

Yes you can with some easy and simple steps that you should try in this period led you to acquire new client and help in making profit.

Get your presence online

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There are currently 4+ billion globally internet users — a total that’s increasing every second!

Anybody who’s in business cannot deny the significance of those figures. Ignoring this collective online audience is like saying you don’t want your business to make money… So, the value of digital marketing in just 3 key points?

— Reach massive audiences across the entire world

— Online presence is the expectation of pretty much everybody today (so meet this expectation in order to grow)

— Get ahead of your competitors if you’re in a ‘lagging’ industry

Your potential customers are likely to look you up online and look for reviews of your company before they decide to call you or come into your shop.

Work on your SEO

Sr – Google

It’s been more than 2 months since coronavirus is impacting our lifestyle. COVID led to lots of change in nature and bring new opportunities in marketing .we all are hanging more online then we do before. Customer are now interested in interaction with businesses more then they do before and are doing research before they buy any product.

If you are having a site and haven’t work on your SEO then this is the time for sowing the seed of SEO to eat the fruit in seasons. SEO helps you in increasing your reach and generates more leads to your business by ranking on Google every time your niche related query get asked.

Focus on providing values

providing values
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People are interested to skill up for the post COVID world and are gaining new skills and values. If your business or services can help people in getting skilled or providing value to their life. They definitely do mouth promotion of your business and even you can provide it for free without expecting any return now.

But in the long term, you definitely get this customer back for your paid services because of the trust you generate now. And get an edge over your competitors

We need new reforms in the industries to make profit in long term. COVID led many industries to shifting digital.

Start digital marketing

Have you ever think the hefty amount you pay for billboard for advertising your product really help you in your brand promotions now also? 

May be yes! But only the police officers and the media staff during the lockdown. Even in normal days, in the world controlled by smartphone people don’t even look outside of their car window to see the billboard, then why wasting money on traditional marketing which isn’t paying you back.

Do we have a better option? Yes, we Have. Why don’t you promote your business online in their smartphones This is the place where customers and business find each other. If you aren’t marketing online, you aren’t going to be found inthose searches. And this is the best time to run ads for your startup because the price to reach people went much lower.

Many big companies are making thier cut in marketing and so the competition is less and can help many small businesses to grow by marketing now.

Innovative strategies

innovative strategies
Sr- pexels

Many big companies like – Microsoft, Google, Salesforce, zoom etc offering free video conference. Some companies are reaching their customers by email marketing to aware the corona spread. Many firms are providing courses during this pandemic at minimum charges with a commitment of giving their 50% of their earning to NGO to feed people which is also known as passive marketing and help in branding.

It is best to stay indoors , break the chain and make corona defeat.

But from a marketing and career perspective, you can make a change. You should have more time now (sadly), so use it to your advantage. Put in the effort so you can grow, that way we’ll come out of the Coronavirus stronger.

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May 3, 2020

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