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How to be proactive all the time?

Success is neither a trend nor a fashion because unlike success both can go off-road in some time. Success, however, is a good long inning and is a passion of every single soul who has dreams, but would just be dreaming will take you to your achievements? We all know the answer is “No”. Then what exactly are the parameters that can predict your success. In this article we will discuss how being proactive in every field can lead to success.

It’s your proactive behavior, the word proactive was used in experimental psychology, In 1993 the Bateman and Crant introduced a proactive trait of a personality in one of their research papers which later uncovered the relation between personality traits and success predictions of a person.

What is proactivity?

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Proactivity is an approach or initiative taken by an individual to create a favourable environment, identify opportunities and act on them, and preserve an insight until a meaningful change occurs. The outcomes of these traits in a personality include job performance, career success, attitude, role clarity, and feelings of control.

Be on the crest of a wave

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Urge to earn success is an inner drive of a human that ignites a proactive behaviour. As soon as you realize your passion for your dreams, they are converted into goals. Goals take you down on the ground reality of your position. It makes a clear picture of where you stand and what you need to achieve and, Bang! It results in self-development and excellency in task execution.

Know when it’s time to ask for help

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One of the most productive success mantras is to know “when to ask for help”, we all possess some special qualities which are our skill asset and on a serious note nobody is an all-rounder. List out your weak subjects and ask for help from the one who is a master of a skill you aren’t. It is no shame to ask for help instead, your this one step forward will put you ten-step ahead among your competitors. Guess why? Because you didn’t spend your crucial time in building up your skill, you had a masterstroke as your alternative, the decision to seek help not just saved your time but guaranteed you the best output.

Reactive or Proactive

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A reactive approach refers to taking charge of a situation when a problem arises or encountered. In most of the reactive approaches the essential arrangements like how to, when to, and whom to lacks which can easily pull up critical situations and loss.

On the other hand, a proactive approach creates an arrangement where solutions are kept handy for problems a person might face soon or may not in the best scenarios. It includes proper planning, strategy formation, and consideration of potential problems that may arise.

A person with a proactive approach creates and enables all the preventative measures which effectively decreases the risk of failures or sudden backend of a goal and automatically increases the chances of success in a few attempts, or just in the first one!. 

Hell yeah, criticism!

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Compliments are quite common to cling on but criticism can lead you to the door of corrections. There are times when some mistakes can happen due to slight slips and many people would overlook it, but train your mind to open up to criticism and accept the constructive part from it. Take the signs and fix the mistakes. It will help you improve and groom further in the right direction.

Traits of proactive behaviour

Some classic identifiable traits are possessed by a proactive mindset or proactive behaviour.

  • Highly organized
  • Great problem-solving skills
  • Think long term
  • Great listeners and even great communicators
  • Knows how to utilize the strength
  • Knows how to channelize the skills of peers
  •  Take criticism well
  • Inspire others

Proactive behaviour is a summation of some skills that turns your process of achieving goals into success, get your hands-on skills, and create your proactive mindset. 


Piece of cake huh? It is not a tough call to figure out your personality and traits, keeping your ground reality insight anyone can work and bring essential optimistic changes. It might appear difficult at the start but as soon as you initiate change, you parallelly start building your path to success.

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Happy success!

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