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You always pass failure on your way to success

Mickey Rooney

FAILURE – The word that defines defeat over victory. Clearly, people are more concerned about this word than success. Success and failure never go hand in hand. Alternatively, these both are the opposites in either way. When a man believes in his dreams, works hard for it, and gets defeated in an untimely manner, he sees complete darkness all around. Undoubtedly, heartbreaks due to career achievements are not new. Nowadays, success is seen as an opportunity rather than a belief. Furthermore, the thinking abilities of people have got curled up towards hardships. When a man fails, his identity is not so appreciated. Unquestioningly, the person faces difficulty in reprimanding his own place for all his life. Regret, enmity, apathy, pessimism and disappointments-something that people are clinged to, is always accompanied by the failures in life. 

failure and life
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Sometimes, it becomes a task to let things happen. Contrary to what we want, we always end up doing the opposite. Success comes only when we learn to accept failure. Life ultimately goes on and never waits for the end. Definitely, believing in oneself is a key reason that people climb the ladder of a successful life. In today’s competitive world, people don’t want failure to approach them in any way. Getting rid of reality is not something that should be proceeded with. Then how can one be a successful failure? What happens when a person defeats the defeat itself! What is a successful failure? How to overcome the wonders of failure and stick towards success? Clearly, you need to figure it out here yourself!


mindset while dealing with failure
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To fail is not only defined by your destiny. People mend it with grudges, regrets, over-ambitious nature and then walk off easily without exploring changes ahead. Clearly, when our mind is not in a mood to rectify and build ourselves up again, failure will be a question mark on our heads forever. Entitle the truth. Surrender the ideas of negativity. Try the perseverance path. When it comes to perseverance and failure altogether, we expect ourselves to crave more for what we have lost.

Undoubtedly, failure can be essayed more properly when we try to find out its reason. A successful failure always remains responsive to his goals. Importantly, perseverance is a great new destination for those who want to create a name. Try to avoid questions that waste your energy and mind into believing that you cannot cure what you have ruined. Fetch a plan. Evidently and deliberately, invest your time into it. Alternatively, better perseverance will give you a better choice with a better thinking ability to fight the failure.


should you give up?
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Indeed, to fail is not just a question of defeating oneself. Failure and guilt are connected with just one thought-should we give up? When a person loses everything, he starts thinking about further life stories. Future predictions cannot be made until and unless we make it huge. Definitely, opportunities are vast nowadays. The chances of achieving anything big is marking an easy passage for everyone. But some people find it quite hard to accept their present and choose the path of defeat and depression. Furthermore, giving up should never be a reason to stop chasing success. A successful failure never goes behind blind games. He plays till the level of eternity to find what he actually wants! Obviously, life is a game where people can use millions of lifelines to chase the dreams they are aspiring for.

A man who gives up is the worst failure in this world. Apart from failing in his goals, he also fails to live his life with a practical approach. Losing self-confidence and walking behind the bars of a  depressing life is never acceptable from a person who has potential. Try making yourself worthy of fulfilling every goal you have been dreaming of. Let things run smoothly. But NEVER GIVE UP! A successful failure is not someone who can wrap up even his simple pleasures!. Speak up for your choices. Match up to your greater good. Life is all about discovering chances.


superstitious failure and blame games
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Unlike the people who believe in hard work, there are some who are entitled to luck factors. When we talk about superstition, it just costs NOTHING. Importantly, hard work and luck are the life support system for life. But when people disbalance both the elements, clearly this becomes the worst of all. When a person fails, he starts believing over his bad luck or starts blaming the people he is surrounded with. Unquestioningly, failure is not about blame games and superstitions. The negative thoughts and inner curiosity lead people into believing in misconceptions like luck. Just remember, superstitions and blame will never get you anywhere. Blaming unconsciously is only stupidity.

Try to avoid the people who propose a superstitious suggestion to tackle failure. Stop blaming your close friends or family members. Clearly, blaming will not workout until and unless you try to simplify your mind in something good. A successful failure takes the help of his family members into creating a solid mindset about his future. Remind yourself of enormous possibilities. Stop caring about superstitious people. Start building up with some hard work enriched with a healthy mind. 


from failure to success
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Indeed, failure will lead to success and is not wrongly presented. Life is like a natural calamity. Sometimes it gives in, sometimes it takes out. Importantly, a successful failure becomes a name only when he makes inputs with utmost generosity. A successful man never thinks about his past failures and regrets. Moreover, moving on is one concept that is looked upon when we talk about failures in life.

Particularly, failures are of various types, entangled with different reasons. Setting up for the right track is only permitted when a person learns to overshadow the guilt and regret. Alternatively, failure is a low-key word in comparison to success. Obviously, success is not easy to achieve. Being honest in what you do and putting in a pinch of hard work will definitely give a fruitful result. Since success and failure go hand in hand, giving up and spoiling life is never an option. Always be at par with whatever goals you have. Never stop. Beat the fuel of enmity and rekindle a light of glory with success. Clearly, every stone will turn to gold for sure!


To be a successful failure is not that difficult until you learn to step out the darkness of regrets in life. Be honest with yourself and trust your passion. Find work that best suits you. Find your interest in a particular field. Rejoice your failures too. Enjoying failure is also considered a hope towards a grand success. Turn on your mindset for something new. Learn to forget what was ruined by you earlier. Laugh at your silly mistakes. Find new opportunities and try to work on its benefits in the future. Never play a blame game with others.

Hurting and mending are what you all need to learn about a successful failure. Re-evaluate your stamina of achieving goals. Plan a strategy. Befriend a successful failure! Learn about people who failed several times in life, yet got themselves marked in the world as famous personalities. Gain the confidence to live and learn. In this way, you can definitely be a successful failure with a little input of patience and smart work.

defining a successful failure
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Never let success get to your head; never let failure get to your heart


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