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Mental Health: Impact of Quarantine on us

Mental health drained by loneliness
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We all live in a society where each and every day we see people, or rather our reflection in others. This feeling of homeliness makes us feel safe and connected. The carefree attitude of a human where he isn’t worried about the future and doesn’t pays attention to his mental health comes from the fact, that it is unpredictable and is assumed to be fine and will pass without any major calamity or hindrance. That’s where the coronavirus steps in as a wake-up call. It proved us that no matter how much a human goes through evolution, nature will always dominate us.

The Main Impact on Mental Health

Emptiness and loneliness in life makes people overthink.
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We got pushed inside our homes and to self isolate ourselves until this pandemic ends. Suddenly the most basic things in our lives such as that bus stop, or those honking cars made sense and were missed deeply. The sky got smaller and can only be seen through the windows. Almost every person is anxious and stressed out. It’s just the matter of the degree.

People are running out of savings and can buy groceries for one last time. This taught them a simple lesson of savings and how to handle their money better. It won’t be surprising that after this self isolating period ends, the highest revenue generators along with restaurants, movie theaters will be therapists.

Overthinking leads to more stress and anxiety, which are essential components of mental health
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People already suffering from depression and anxiety are even worse now. Hence, loneliness has become our biggest enemy and the test we have to go through is patience. For instance, loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous than obesity, found a 2018 study conducted by Cigna – a global health service company – in the U.S.

Why is the impact so powerful on mental health?

Even if you’re at home with your family and friends, you’re safe only physically. The system has forcefully imposed this isolation on us which makes us feel that we have no control over things, however in this very specific case, is partially true. As a result, being cut off from the world and not being able to perform their regular duties can make people feel too empty, worthless or even lazy.

Quarantine has locked us inside and our mental well being gets affected
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Even though we all can agree that this is for the betterment of humanity, it is not the right thing to ignore the mental impact it will have on us. Schools, offices and social gathering places close down. As a result, time becomes really slow and it can be haunting. And as we say, an isolated being is more or less equal to a killer, a murderer or a hunter, hunter for negativity and overthinking.

Some of the common changes that we can observe in ourselves will include the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sadness
  • Numbness
  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Confusion
  • Overthinking
  • Loss in productivity
  • Overeating
  • Dizziness
  • Laziness
Focus level reduces thus decreasing our productivity and demolishing mental health
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Your current mental status plays an important role, to what extent you might get affected from this isolation. However, we do not want to make the wound worse! If your’e already in a low phase, chances are, you might feel a little helpless and alone than ever. But there isn’t much to worry about all of this. Everything is temporary and things will get better.

What you can do to minimize this Impact on Mental Health?

We can avoid this impact by implementing these measures. These include:

Being grateful: If you practice gratitude, there can never be a moment where there will be absence of sunshine in your life. We can always look down and help rather than look up and vividly dream. It is always better to make a change rather than just being the change.

Creating a better version of yourself: You can spend this time and see it as an opportunity to make a better version of yourself by learning new and valuable skills that will help you not only learn new things but also make money.

Learning new things can help gain confidence in yourself mentally and thus improve mental health
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Talking to your loved ones: Be it in your home or your friends far away, we can agree that talking to those special people in our lives can instantly make us feel better

Your best friend is aid for your mental  well being.
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Self- Introspection: Reflect on your journey, how lucky you are, and how important are you to the people in your lives. We never buy the best gifts, we make them. These are bonds, memories and experiences.


Talking about the philosophical side, the average human forgot to be grateful for the things he have, and would continue to make endless demands of materialistic things. Everything has a positive and a negative side. However, if we choose the positive side, no matter how big the pandemic is, it will pass. This came into our world to remind us of the little things that we take for granted.

Positive affirmations can improve your mood drastically
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Once all of this ends, everyone will come out with a completely different mindset altogether.

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