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technology destroying happiness

How Digital Technology Is Destroying Our Daily Life Happiness?

Digital technology affects our office work, shopping, music, movies, television, photography, travel, transport and long distance communications as well. It is fair to say that it has become increasingly rare to find any electronic devices or large machinery that does not incorporate digital technology in some way.

Digital technology often means that all the devices are much smaller, lighter, faster more versatile than previous versions. It also indicates that huge amounts of information can get stored locally or remotely and moved from place to place almost instantaneously for our ease.

Still, there are downsides to digital technology also. A few negative sides are as mentioned below.

1. Addiction to Gadgets

addiction of gadgets
Source Reader’s Digest Canada

Social media, computer games, messaging, and dating websites can all be too much addictive. Game owners make you to play so that you will buy the next version. Websites make you to interact more so that they can bring in advertising money. Eventually users end up wasting vast amounts of time and hemorrhaging money for low return or productive outcome.

2. Second-hand Living due to Digital Technology

Personal life has eventually become digital
Source Eventbrite

Many people are no having longer experience in real life events. Music concerts or live shows are easily recorded on mobile phones, events are captured and audio is also recorded. Media is uploaded onto various social sites. Personal life has eventually become digital

3. Data Security Issues

data can be hacked using cybercrime
Source Security Magazine

Digital technology help to store vast amounts of data. This could be private information concerning individuals or some organizations. It can be very much difficult to keep this data safe and secure. Just a single breach can result into vast amounts of private information going into the hands of criminals, terrorists, business rivals, foreign adversaries, or other malign entities.

4. Terrorism & Crime

technology can give rise in the numbers of terrorism and crime
Source Edge Picture

The internet is biggest source for malevolent forces to operate.

Examples of this include: terrorists use social media to promote themselves and encourage others also, drug dealers using the dark web to trade more, pedophiles using chat rooms and other places to groom potential victims online, exchange of photos, videos and other information.

5. Complexity of Work due to Digital Technology

technology has made simple work complicated
Source Miracle Mobile Mechanics

We have no more understanding of the workings of the devices and machines that we interact with on a daily basis.
Fixing a modern car now is like working with a computer now, it is no longer just mechanical.
Use of a phone can involve tackling all sorts of complicated settings also.
Minor glitches in the operations of a laptop can cost more time and expense.

6. Privacy Issues

cybercrime affects privacy of data
Source CIO

It has become more complicated to have personal privacy in this digital world and that is on top of the dangers of your personal data can get stolen or sold or misused.
As an example, everybody has is having ability to take photos and video footage on their mobile phone, then post it online platform. Employers can easily search for people users and maybe find unflattering photographs, or see them expressing controversial opinions in their social media or websites.

7. Social Disconnection due to Overuse of Digital Technology

social distance due to gadgets usage
Source Qustodio

There is an increasing tendency of those people who socialize and communicate via digital devices rather than just through real life contact. This can easily lead to a sense of disconnect and isolation in actual reality.
Human beings have evolved over thousands of years to have real contact with other humans and living beings, taking that away affects them in all sorts of some negative ways that we are just understanding now. Studies have also suggested that the lack of real life contact can cause depression and other forms of mental illness in most of the people.

Technology is a boon, but it could result into blast as well. The outcome depends upon our mind and our attitude.Too much of anything is damaging. More usage can make us feel isolated and may affect on our social skills as well. To overcome these issues we need to decide a healthy criteria to use technology and gadgets.

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