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How conscious living results in personal growth?

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Lately, everybody is stuck in a hectic schedule that runs from clumsy mornings and ends with a Netflix and chill. In this busy lifestyle, we have forgotten the value of personal growth. Midst of all chaos while prioritizing materialistic things, we constantly overlook the conscious living. In this blog, we will see how conscious living can contribute to our personal growth.

Taking a break once a while to start afresh is a good choice but is not recommendable to make whole nine yards.

How personal growth and conscious living are related?

When you are aware of your lifestyle it gives you the power to identify the impact of decisions you make in your life, both long and short term. Once you start identifying the options and make decisions wisely, it enhances health, leisure, environment, and the list goes on. The sooner you take account of lifestyle the better results start coming your way.

Health risk of an inactive lifestyle

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Promoting an unhealthy lifestyle increases severe health risks, poor nutrition, and unusual sleeping patterns disturb metabolism, continuous intake junk food drops the growth rate in infants and teens. The severe health issues involved are –

  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • stroke

A survey for an unhealthy lifestyle and its effects done in England(2018) says that nine in ten adults has at least one unhealthy traits. These impacts were caused by excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and junk food.

Better late than never

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As the popular saying goes “Better late than never” it is never too late to analyze and evaluate yourself. You can start from the moment you wish to. Ask “ what you want from life? ”, “ where do you stand? ”, and “ If you have what you want are you happy with it? ”. The sooner you would evaluate the faster you will be able to recognize what is needed to be fixed.

How to plan a conscious and healthy lifestyle

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1. Get Organised 

Planning a routine for a day is the best way to avoid stress. Make a to-do list or write down on a planner, put reminders if needed. Arrange the stuff you will need for the next day to avoid rushing at the last moment.

2. Say no and own it

Know your field of expertise, it is always suggested to not try to multitask in various fields. Unfavorable results bring disappointments. Focus on your strong points and say no to the tasks that fall out of your expertise. Do the task wholeheartedly you accepted.

3. Workout and meditate

Enhance your concentration by starting with a simple and realistic workout, spare some time to meditate and engage in spiritual activity to boost up mental health.

4. Me time

Even if it’s hard to manage, create some “me time”. Read books, spend time in nature, do chores, and engage in your hobbies. Listening to music is one of the best-recommended stress buster.

5. Spend Wisely

Planning a budget for your routine is an underrated task yet it is the essential one. Spending carelessly would lead to unfavorable situations. Plan about what you want to purchase and why? Invest more money than you spend.

6. Reward Yourself

Every time you achieve one of your biggest goals don’t forget to praise yourself, rewards can be as simple as a solo date or a vacation once in a while. Rewards impact mental health directly and encourage you to work more efficiently.


Everyone indeed needs to pause to appreciate their achievements, but having a well-planned lifestyle enhances your mental and physical health, it makes a person happy inside out, clears out the toxins, and amplifies productivity. A person becomes successful when he works on personal growth and the key to it is conscious living.

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