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This lockdown period gave me time to analyze why I was not happy and satisfied with what I was doing. Instead, I was pretending to be happy and what peace and real happiness are all about.

Here sharing some thoughts that I went through during this time and found answers to some of them and still finding answers to remaining.


We are either regretting our past mistakes or fantasizing about our future. Being lost in both the zones deprives us of living the present moment to the fullest. Life is all about β€œNow”, neither we can change what happened nor what is going to happen. Interaction with the surroundings and people at the moment can help us to ensure our PRESENCE in life. Mahatma Gandhi once said that-

don't chase the future, live in present

Presence is a state in which your mind,body and heart are in complete harmony.


always be grateful to others.

The feeling of thankfulness gives you the power to exercise empathy. I believe when we are thankful for the things, people, or surroundings we start respecting them, their emotions, and their concern by which we can give our best to them and avoid hurting others and ourselves.

Appreciating people and valuing things can give us a way to practice GRATITUDE.


Having desires and wishes for yourself is not a sin but this life has a greater meaning than just fulfilling ONLY your aspirations. I feel everyone has a purpose in this life which is bigger than just living for yourself, having a goal to serve the country or to do something that would help others to live and achieve their goals can actually be used to attain your own happiness also.

Work on yourself along with analyzing what you can do for uplifting others.


self care is very important

Take a break to know about yourself. Write down your feelings whether good or bad, make to-do lists to avoid chaos, incorporate some sort of exercise or yoga or practice breathing patterns as they release β€˜feel-good’ hormones. Include activities that makes you happy. If you will not love yourself you cannot give your 100% to others and your efficiency and confidence will also go down quickly.


Many of you (including me earlier) assume that spirituality is to be practised by old people that have lived their life and has too much free time. Most of you don’t find any need to do it as they think that they are doing well in their lives but this will help them to connect with something bigger than themselves, provide a broader perspective towards life and its actual meaning.

Our generation thinks that implementing spirituality will kill their hustle due to which people will surpass them but it is not true as it gives you peace by which you can choose what is worth your energy and efforts. As we are heading to a world full of opportunities along with competition, so it is important to be peaceful inside.

The big names we look up to, also practice these things that led them to discover ways to help others. You can read books, listen to various podcasts, youtube videos or the best thing would be THE BHAGWAT GEETA, there are short clips available known as Geeta ka Saar that is also helpful.

These are some channels that made me realize all these things.

I hope my experience help you by slightest way possible.Have a nice day!

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