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Handmade Gift Ideas for Raksha Bandhan

As August is approaching it marks the beginning of the Hindu festive season, mainly Raksha Bandhan! It is only weeks to count for Raksha Bandhan. The festival that celebrates the pure bond of love between brother and sister. According to traditions sister ties a ‘Rakhi” on brother’s wrist, prays for his good health and wellness. In return, a brother pledges to protect her and wishes for Raksha Bandhan, showering each other with gifs.

In modern times this equation between siblings has changed. They now, look for spending quality time with each other and family. Although love can be showcased in many ways, so how about gifting something handmade and taking your gifting skills to the next level. Anyone can buy something online, but nothing’s as special as a handmade surprise.

Scroll down for some DIY rakhi gifts that are easy and simple to make at home!

DIY Lamp

How about gifting a handmade lamp, something that lights up his/her world(in this case room :p). Lamps when lit up in dark give an amazing touch to any room. All you need is one old glass bottle which can be found easily in most of the households. Add amazing colorful designs over it and decoration that you like.

handmade DIY gift of lamps
Photo by Digital Buggu from Pexels


Yeah, I know mugs are pretty cliched. But not if you customize it for your siblings! All you need is a plain white or black cup or any solid color if you want a colorful base. Paint something over it which your sibling likes, in my case my brother loves mountains. So whenever he will be taking work breaks, it’s going to bring a refreshing feeling to him. So paint something out and showcase your creative side.

Handmade DIY mug for raksha-bandhan
Photo by Amin Hasani on Unsplash

DIY Candle

Candles are not only great decor items but their aroma brings a soothing effect to the whole house. The idea of candle making might seem daunting but its quite easy. All you need is a jar to fill wax( glass, mason, or ceramic jar), wick, and some wax (you can buy that online or from some art and craft store) and your sibling’s favorite essential oils. Have a look at this video :

How To Make Scented Candles | DIY Aroma Candles: Mishra Dubey

DIY Bookmark

If your sibling is a bibliophile than this is a perfect gift for them. All you need is A4 size watercolor sheets or you can even showcase your creativity using price tags that come along with apparels.

DIY bookmark for raksha-bandhan as a gift
source :unsplash

DIY Gift Basket

This can come up as a great idea if your sibling is into gifts. You can give your sibling a collection of different products which they really like, it could be a mix of perfumes, jewelry, books, makeup, coffee, chocolates, clothes, gadgets, etc.

All you need is a cane basket, satin fabric and a ribbon to decorate it.

DIY basket gift for raksha-bandhan
source: flickr

Hope you guys enjoyed these ideas. In this coronavirus time, let’s bring some happiness and joy to our lives and make this festive time really a memorable one.

If you want to give any suggestions or have any other ideas do let us know in the comments.

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