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Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature

Gerard De Nerval

World is full of surprises. Clearly, nature and the environment play a key role in balancing life. FLOWERS-a wonderful gift given to us by our Creator marks the beauty of essence. In particular, flowers represent several aspects of our life. It also implies a sign of love for everyone. A flower is also the reproductive structure in plants. TO FLOWER-is to bloom or blossom everywhere with a tint of fragrance embodied in it. 

flowers and fragrance

Importantly, our Mother Nature cannot imagine living without the powers of fragrance all over!. A flower is a significant step toward empathy. It is also a symbolic view of peace and harmony. Petals that attract insects for pollination are charming engagers towards the community. Unquestioningly, bouquets are a lovely package embedded with flowers of vivid variety. What are the varieties of flowers? How can a flower convey the message of love and care around the world? What is the cultural significance of a flower? These are some questions that need light for exploring more about it.


in love and affection with flowers

Indeed, flowers have always been the universal messengers of love all around the world. For ages, people express their happy hormone-related emotions with the help of incredible delights of fantasy. When you are unable to clarify yourself with good feelings and romanticism, flowers become your best friend. Definitely, they leave a lasting impression in someone’s eye when it is offered with a token of love and pleasure. Roses are the topmost in the list of emotional mannerisms. The pure gaze of beautifully colored red roses symbolizes love, romance, perfection, and beauty. A red rose bouquet is clearly one of the most selling bouquets worldwide.

Talking about lilies, it showcases purity, unity, love, eternity, and fertility. People who are infatuated with beauty compliment the much-needed affair with loads of lilies in hand. The dainty bloomy tulips enhance the flavor of love with a crazy zest. Undoubtedly, orchids are symbols of contentment and beauty all around the surroundings. All the luxury, refinement, and beauty can be represented with orchids. Alternatively, flowers are an ideal means to shower love and affection with our loved ones.


a floral tribute to goodbyes

Unlike the happiness in which people seek the beauty of flowers, there are occasions when they also symbolize death. In particular, black roses such as black ice and black pearl are actually dark red-roses. Clearly, black roses traditionally portend death. In many European countries, Chrysanthemum is used for funerary bouquets or on graves. According to scientific portals, there are some flowers that represent a certain disease. Furthermore, sunflowers are the sole symbols of Lou Gehrig’s disease or lateral sclerosis. In particular, the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days sells daffodils for funerals and to raise funds for a specific cause.

As an expression of grief and loss, dark crimson roses and white chrysanthemum acts as dark friends. Indeed, sadness and lamentation are also observed in these two flowers. These also pay tribute to the loss of a loved one, a dear friend, or a family member. Mexico has a vivid variety of flowers, especially Cempasuchil. Cempasuchil is a marigold variety native to Mexico which is used as a decorative artifact for the Day of the Dead. The dark flowers used for the mourn and loss not only helps in relieving stress from a person but also plays a gentle role in funerary happenings.


festive charisma focusing on floral aroma

Obviously, every festive season is incomplete without the lovable delicacies of flowers! From offering them in a temple during the festival of lights till making it legal on a woman’s attire during her wedding, flowers are an allrounder source of spreading joy. The world over witnesses several flower festivals showering cultural traditions. The most picturesque summer flower occasion is celebrated in Europe’s Lavender Field in Provence, France. Alternatively, every July this famous festival rings up with beautiful mauve-colored lavender floating eminently in the sky. The air smells of lovely gestures greeted by these lavender delights. South America also puts shades of love with the famous festival of flowers in Medellin, Colombia. This ten-day festival in August classifies millions of people in between flower parades along with music nights and parties.

Annual tulip festival in Amsterdam around the month of April rejuvenates the beauty of eternity and goodness by introducing dozens of tulips all around. Unquestioningly, Indians are no less in representing their love for flowers in any way. Ooty Flower Show, one of the most wanted flower festivals in Tamil Nadu is held for three days in Government Botanical Garden in Ooty in the month of May. It has several installations created with flowers which are just an amazing visual treat. Definitely, Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong, Meghalaya credits itself with the growth of cherry blossoms during autumn days. Indeed, flower festivals together create an environment of freshness and goodness in everyone’s spirits.


fascination with flower fantasy

Without a doubt, fantasy about flowers is to appreciate the beauty it beholds. Flowers fascinate us in every possible way. Alternatively, they are symbols of greatness in most civilizations of the world. Apart from social amenities, flowers also play a role in gifts and decorations. Early life is the case study from where they evolved. Flowers also pave the way towards the medicinal routes. These help in avoiding negativities. Growth in horticultural fields and in commercial greenhouses encourage people to use flowers for eternal activities.

Petunia, rose, tulips, marigold are some of the delightful creations that reveal a peaceful scenery of our Mother Nature. Indeed, flowers are the actual reason of spreading delight everywhere. Despite being a delicate privacy for some, flowers are moments that define soulful memories with our near and dear ones. Indeed, catching the glimpse of fascination with flowers is a must needed adventure for everyone!


Definitely, flowers are controversial segments that rely on spreading smiles everywhere. Never be upset when you are under the fragrance of lovely creations. Smile on natural products as it contains the essence of dainty flowers. Heal with lots of flowers surrounding you. Spread joy and happiness with merry blossoms! They are an eternal source of commitment and cherished life. Let your life enlighten up with the freshly born, newly-refined fantasy of flowers. Speak out to that Mother Nature of providing this iconic symbol. Laugh and live among the variety of floret flowers!

happiness with flowers

Flowers always make the people happier, better and more helpful for lifetime

Luther Burbank

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