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Five best ways to tap into your Creativity

Everybody is talented in their own unique ways but do you feel you’ve worn out of ideas or just tired too much? If you feel like it then let me tell you that’s absolutely normal. Quarantine has been a golden period for everyone to showcase their talents or enhance their creativity. But if you feel like you are running out of your skill or can’t do it anymore. It is just a delusion. I have some simple yet effective ways through which you can get back in your game and maybe even better than ever.


It is normal to run out of ideas but looking for some inspirations will never turn your hopes down. Anything can inspire you and can be the fuel for your creativity. It could be a song, nature’s beauty, or even your emotions. We, humans, share complex emotional bonds with each other, and the way you feel can be the way others are feeling too. The only difference is nobody shares it with anybody. Because we don’t want to get judged. But when you create something from your emotions it makes much more impact on the audience as well as the people around you.


empathize to enhance creativity
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Sometimes, it is very important to sit with people and talk about what’s going in their life or just to share what’s going in your life. Sharing experiences and storytelling helps you gain an idea about small and big things that can bring a huge change. This will help you build a new perspective about your life and the people around you. Stories are always a go-to escape. It has immense power to teach you about, struggle, love, empathy, care, need and so much more you might have never imagined. Empathizing will also help you improve your imagination which is really important for a creative person.

No cheating

Keeping your content original is really important. Even if you add your thoughts into someone else’s content and present it in front of your audience. You will lose your sense of originality and gratitude. It might seem a minor mistake but stealing someone else’s ideas are both professionally and morally wrong. While looking for inspirations you might come across some major creative contents, but refrain yourself from taking it completely and presenting as yours. This slowly chips in as a habit and will kill your creativity because you would start relying on different sources rather than originally creating it.

Take a break for a while

take a break for a while
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Relaxing and taking short breaks are equally important. Because when you overwork yourself and push your limits again and again. Your brain can feel tired. It needs rest to function properly and to produce creative ideas. It is good to push your limits but don’t forget to cherish your mind with rewards after accomplishments. Your breaks don’t need to be fancy. You are not doing it to show-off but for self-help. It could be a cute PJ relaxing night or a Netflix and chill or even a yum reward if you are a foodie fam.

Start Over

startover again to enhance creativity
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When you try to give your best and put so much effort you cover almost everything you know. You might not see this coming but at some point, almost every artist feels like they are out of topic or content. Running out of content eventually leads to stress. To get out of this situation try out various ways for creating and displaying content. Experimenting hardly ever lets you down. Don’t let the idea of “what will people say” hold you back. Deep down you know your worth. Tap into your creativity and think of it as starting everything afresh. Just like you did back in time when you started afresh. Make bold choices and lean into risks for better experiences and outcomes.


Every human is gifted with some talents, some are way too good at it while others have latent ones. But everyone’s talent and creativity are what makes us a unique personality. These are the five best ways to try and adapt to grow even more on your way.

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