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Five Best Entrepreneurial Podcasts to Help You Pave Your Way

The word entrepreneurship itself has so many emotions and tasks included in it both implicitly and explicitly. All in all, entrepreneurship is a combination of various hats you need to master to manage your team and schedules for the best upshot. If you are a newcomer in this or have a lot of experience and still have lots of questions piled up. Here are few highly experienced, enthusiastic, and motivational mentors. Creating the best of what they learned over a decade or more into their respective fields. Answering all the doubts, questions, and curiosity in their own unique ways through these entrepreneurial podcasts.

1. Directionally Challenged

Directionally Challenged
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Do you feel like you are stuck somewhere? Not able to find direction to get out of it. Here is the podcast “Directionally Challenged” by Candice King and Kayla Ewell. Yes, you are right Candice and Kayla are the Hollywood stars and also starred in the blockbuster series The vampire diaries. These women are creating fabulous pods on every topic they are confused about. What’s more? We all need to believe that it’s not something to be ashamed of. Their tagline communicates the same “ thirty-something women looking for answers and are directionally challenged”. So if you are a fan or just a person who feels lost. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to directionally challenged.

2. Girlboss Radio

Girlboss Radio
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Do we always need to learn from our own mistakes and experiences? Well to be honest time is a crucial thing to everyone and there are so many ways to learn about challenges and upcoming problems. And the best way to gain knowledge is to learn from stories of successful people. But guess what? being a woman and multi-tasking can feel overwhelming at times. Here is the Girlboss radio podcast, owned and hosted by a successful entrepreneur Sophia Amoruso. This is the best entrepreneurial podcast to get motivated. And what makes it special? Girlboss radio only invites women. Feels interesting? All you have to do is grab your phone, headphones, and jump into the ready set-go! Mode.

3. Goal Digger

Usually, we all need a mentor to guide our way and fill in insights for us. But finding a real competent mentor can be a headache! Because there are so many questions piled up in our head! Should I trust them? How would I know if the information is authentic? And so much more. If you are an ambitious human and have a long to-do list. She has a long listed podcast covering almost all the experiences she had while becoming an entrepreneur. It also covers insights into her transitions of her businesses. Not just the podcasts but she also offers online courses through her website for learning the management and smart tricks of handling and overcoming problems.

Moreover, You can find her pods on all podcast platforms. She is a small town mama, businesswoman, mentor, and mac and cheese lover. A whole lot like any ordinary woman with extraordinary skills and confidence.

4. Online marketing made easy

Along with the evolution of technology, marketing strategies have changed too. Reaching out to people and selling your ideas and offers is not a cakewalk anymore. No matter how much you learn about it, it’s never enough. Whether you are a marketing pro or just starting up with your ideas. You might need a mentor who would share all experiences, strategies, and possible ways to reach people. “Online Marketing made easy with Amy Porterfield” is a complete package of it. Moreover, you don’t even need to pay a single rupee for accessing brilliant strategies of marketing. You can just chip into this new journey and evolution of marketing through your comfy corner. She also offers online courses for marketing on her official website

5. StartUp Podcast

Talking about the startup’s, business, and ideas sounds thrilling. Although when you look closely you would realize that it’s not easy to start the journey. Where success and failures are equally inevitable. However, starting something new takes a lot of research, planning, and a competent team. If you are just starting or a completely new person in the entrepreneurial world. StartUp podcast offers every possible thing that needs to be covered while setting up a business, either small or big. StartUp podcast was launch in 2014 and is helping people from various age groups to learn something new. Owned by Gimlet media startup podcast helps you nourish your mind and knowledge.


In conclusion, these entrepreneurial podcasts have been a huge hit since they started, these amazing people are not just motivating people but are offering so much knowledge. They also have created their community. listeners can stay connected and get updated on trends and new strategies. You can join their community through Facebook, Instagram, and E-mails.

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