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Feminism is a highly overrated topic on social media. People have been talking about feminism for nearly 200 years. But they still seriously don’t know what feminism is. They have a very wrong understanding of it. Before starting this article I want to clarify that yes I am a feminist and I don’t hate men and I don’t think that all men are evil.

Most men seriously hate feminism. Pat Roberston, CEO of Regent University Theatre once said in the 90s, that

“The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism, and become lesbians”.

And trust me, still, most people believe in this statement and they think that feminism is all about hoes and witches. If you are one of those people then, sorry man, but you still don’t know what real feminism is.

Two Faces of Feminism

As a feminist, I can identify what feminism is and whatnot. There are basically two approaches to feminism. One is true feminism and the other which is more popular is the so-called “fake feminism”. Nowadays what is more often seen in the news and social media is fake feminism. For example, we all are aware of the Neha Dhupia incident. That famous dialogue of her

“ Listen, it is the girl’s choice to be with five boys at the same time. You have no fucking right to slap her. It’s her choice”

It totally shows fake feminism. Real feminists know that if the boy is with one girl then the girl should also be with only that guy. To be with five and showing it as feminism is nothing but making fun of real feminism. 

Source – flickr

What is Real Feminism?

Real Feminism is about equity of genders. Feminism’s agenda is to create a society in which individuals’ gender doesn’t restrict them from an equitable shot at success and happiness. It is not about the girls-boys issue. It is about freedom, freedom to roam after 9 pm, freedom to express the views without any bullying.

A true feminist wants respect in the eyes of her dad. She wants her father to proudly tell the society that she is more than a son to me. A true feminist really don’t care about anyone. She only cares about the image that her father holds for her. As a feminist, I can say that she just wants to be a son for her father.

source : unsplash

Feminism and society

Many people think that feminism = man-hating. Do you really think it is true?  

The truth is not all feminists hate men!! But it is also true that some individual feminists hate men very badly. But you need to understand that there is a difference between “feminist” and “misandrists”. Those who don’t know, misandrist means a person who hates men, like misogynist is for hating women. So the main thing is those women who hate men are misandrists and not feminists for sure!!

Feminism means equal opportunity for every gender and is clearly not related to the superiority of any gender. It is really funny to think that some women (maybe misandrists) take monthly periods as a tool for winning any public argument. If you are one of them then let me tell you that you are not a feminist, you are an egoist! who can do anything for just winning an argument! It is not only you that suffer from periods. Almost every girl suffers from that. And they are not complaining about it because they know that it is a blessing. And not a shitty crap or a power tool which can ensure their superiority!! Such acts(fake feminism) not only destroy the image of a true feminist but also endanger the rights of those girls who are really suffering from gender issues.

On which issues does feminism focus?

Feminism is about equal access to education, equal access for sports, equal access for everything that they are lacking in. If you watch any sport, then in most sports there is more craze for man tournaments as compared to women’s. Even the media sometimes shows less interest in women’s sports. 

Nowadays women are highly focused on their careers. Just like men they also want to earn and want to be successful. They want to live life in their own way. A true feminist only wants to live her life in her own conditions. Now women don’t want to rely on their husbands. They want to do shopping with their own money. If you are a feminist then give rights to your women to earn and let them live the life in the manner they want. If both men and women can give an equal contribution to their expenditure, then we can say that the agenda of feminism is accomplished.

One of the major issues for girls is not about periods or any kinda things that feminists show. It is about how we have to leave our parents for an unknown person. Parents say that it is not your home. Your real home is the home of your husband. Now, what does a girl think for the house in which she lived for almost 20+ years? The house in which she has spent all her childhood memories is not actually her home. This thing is totally devastating for every girl. The home she meant to be in is actually not her home.

I just mean to say that don’t exclude your daughter, sister from your every house matter after marriage. Leaving a house in which she has spent her childhood is unbearable and real pain. Treat her as your own daughter and family member even after her marriage. Never alienate her. Never make her feel that the home she was living in was actually an alien place for her.


Feminism is neither good nor bad. In fact, it is about the equality of genders. And that feminist who thinks that women are superior to men is not feminist but misandrist. It is nothing related to the superiority of any gender. It is about living life with your own condition. Feminism does not empower any gender. It just wants the rights of those who don’t have them! People have a negative view of feminism because they believe that fake feminism is part of feminism. But it is not! This 200-year-old mentality about feminism needs to be changed. It does not want any superiority of any gender. Feminism never gives power to fake feminism. It gives only rights to deserving ones.

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