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Content you shouldn't watch online

Digital Content not to watch if you’re Faint-Hearted

Digital Content not to watch if you’re Faint-Hearted !!!

We all know that digital content is the next big thing nowadays for entertainment. All of us crave it, consume it, and then try to relate to its characters. Somewhere down the line, we know that there are some shows which some people shouldn’t watch. Here is a bunch of content that faint-hearted people shouldn’t watch….

1.Black Mirror

Black mirror as the name suggests is a very dark web series by NetFlix. It really messes up one’s mind. Still, it is one of the popular series made by NetFlix. And people find it very addictive. It is based on the future scenario’s that could happen with the humankind. And how it will change one’s life.

Overall it is something that some people regret watching. A line especially for you “OVERTHINKERS” out there- Do not try to watch it. It might haunt you for quite some time

2. Mrs. Serial Killer

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A recent launch of NetFlix India “Mrs. Serial Killer” is a movie I recommend no one to watch. Even if it is the last piece of content left on the Internet. It is so bad that people complain about sleeping twice while the movie ran. Others who watched it carefully regret watching it. And still can’t understand why the producers made it. One might say that it is the worst movie done by Manoj Bajpai. Moreover Jacqueline Fernandez just ruined the whole acting game held up by Manoj. It is high time that Producers and scriptwriters should know Indian viewers are changed. And do not judge a movie based on Beauty and cast with a shitty storyline.

Not only the faint-hearted people. But I request each one reading this not to watch it anytime soon.

3. Paatal Lok

As strange as it may sound people get haunted by the various scenes shot in this series. A story based on how even the people you expect not to do anything can work wonders on times. Based on hot topics such as the Indian police system and the journalism industry in India. This content is very highly praised by many. Although faint-hearted people are not recommended to watch it.

4. Walking dead & Fear the Walking Dead

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Based on the typical zombie apocalypse situation this show involves a lot of internal body parts coming out of various kinds of bodies. One needs a strong will power to be able to experience those scenes. It is definately a very popular series among teenagers and some people find it to be very addictive. If someone with a faint heart watches it, this may turn into a nightmare. These two shows are interconnected and linked through their characters.

There are plenty more such shows which one should not watch to stay away from negative thoughts all around. While some adventurous people try to watch more and more of them. Creators will tend to make way more of these kinds of shows. Do let me know in the comments what you think about the future content should be on the digital industry….

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