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Can we really Boycott Chinese Products!!!?

Will India become self-dependent (AATMANIRBHAR), and boycott China!!?

Today, our terms with China are vulnerable and this is all because of the terrible and awful act of China. Firstly, there was a proven involvement of China in the world-wide pandemic, and then the coward attack by Chinese Soldiers on Indian Soldiers. Thus, due to this China has become a “Villain” in the eyes of the whole world.

Looking at this, we came up with some micro-revolutionary acts like “Boycott China or Chinese Products”, “Promote Indian Products”. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra D. Modi gave us a motto of being “AATMANIRBHAR”, which is a good initiative. But here arises a question that ” Can we really Boycott China! or Chinese Products?” Will it be as easy for all of us as it seems to be?

In this article, we would dive in and find out whether it is going to be easy as squeezing a lemon or difficult as moving a mountain.!!


General Discussion.

China has a very big business expansion worldwide, the market that China covers is huge in various categories. Some major categories include the Technology sector, Pharmaceutical sector, & Manufacturing sector. China dominates these sectors and no other country is close to china in these sectors.

Coming to boycotting Chinese products, we first need to find out what are the products that we get from China. A list of products that we get from China would make it easy for us to figure out our results. Therefore, let us make a list and then talk about it further.

Products Imported from China.

Here are the products that India imports from China-

  1. Electrical Machinery
  2. Nuclear Reactor and Machinery
  3. Organic Chemicals
  4. Gems & Jewellery
  5. Plastic
  6. Iron & Steel
  7. Clothing
  8. Parts of Electronic Machinery
  9. Others

Here, are all the products that we import from China and it looks like they are all pretty important for us. Also here is a list that gives a graphical representation of the products imported & exported to and from China respectively.

This statistical data pretty well shows our dependency over China. And if we talk about boycotting these things, then it’s going to be very difficult.

Can we boycott these products?!

Well if we think practically about this then its a NO. We cannot totally boycott all these things in an instance. Let’s see it in a detailed way.

1.Electrical Machinery

If we start boycotting electrical machinery then it will get difficult for us. Like there is no other provider of this machinery and it will be time-consuming and costlier for us to make them in our country. We do not have highly advance technology yet for making all these things. And meanwhile, our country and businesses would have to face problems all because of this sudden boycott.

2. Nuclear Reactor and Machinery.

This is an important thing too, we need these so as to produce electricity for our country. Nuclear reactions are conducted so as to produce electricity and for this, we need this machinery. It will be really difficult for us to power our whole country with just windmills and water turbines. All these cannot produce power that efficiently like nuclear fission does.

We would not totally go blacked-out, but we require more of this machinery to power our growing and developing country. And if we boycott all this, then the prices we pay for electricity would rise enormously. As the production will be limited and the demands would keep on increasing. And this will be problematic for our country.

Therefore, we cannot go for boycotting the import of nuclear machinery, unless we develop the same or something better than those.

3. Organic Chemicals.

Various pharmaceutical industries require some chemicals for making various drugs, and those chemicals are raw materials. This raw material is produced by Chinese companies. For eg. the chemical that is used to make Hydroxychloroquine is been imported from China.

And if we boycott the import of these products then the production of various drugs will be stopped. And this will disturb our health sector. Therefore, we cannot think of boycotting this element as our health sector depends on this.

4. Others

Some other elements like Technology, Textile, & Manufacturing are also subjects that we need to think of. Most of our highly advanced gadgets, whether it is a smartphone or television, it is a Chinese product.

Various textile components are been imported from China like Silk, Wool, and other textile items. We depend on China for this too.

And Manufacturing, it is the largest component that we depend on china for. Most of the products we use in our daily life are “Made in China”. Whether it is a toy or kitchen appliances and many more. All are products of china.

We cannot imagine boycotting all this in an instance and living a life that has no impact after all these are gone. It ain’t going to be easy. We need these things for the smooth running of lives and businesses.


In conclusion, it is clear that we cannot just boycott most of the Chinese goods and be self-dependent for those things. For that to occur, firstly, we would have to develop the technology of our own. Secondly, we need to improve our industrial sector, so that we can make most of the machinery we require inside our country. And after that slowly and steadily we can think of cutting out those products.

But yeah! we can quit small things like Chinese apps and some Chinese manufactured goods. We can promote Indian products and use goods manufactured in India over Chinese things.


As an educated and responsible citizen, we must contribute to the development and well-being of our country. Only we are responsible for the growth and development of our country. As our PM said, now we need to be “AATMANIRBHAR” and be vocal about our products. Now it’s time we need to make India a superpower and bring china on its knees.

So folks, this is all about the “Can we really boycott Chinese Products?!”. Hope that it was helpful to you all.

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