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Yash Kulshrestha CEO FeedBox

Yash Kulshrestha

He started with writing stories and poems in his school days and went on to chose writing as his 1st career option. Although, he is leading a Marketing company, but writing will always be his first love.


Meghavi Topiwala

She is the Content Head of FeedBox since a long time. A Blog is posted on this website only when she approves it. She loves to read and being on time is her favorite job.

Aayushi Gupta from Feedbox

Aayushi Gupta

She is the sole decision maker behind everything on FeedBlogs. She takes care of new topics and deadlines. Her favorite category of blogging is Marketing and she loves to explore new features on Social Media and tell the world about it.

Prashansa Malviya

 She is a fitness Freak and a Gym girl as well. Healthy Foods, Healthy Diets, Beauty Tips and what not? You name it and she has all the knowledge about these topics. She is fun to be around.

Ishita Gupta from FeedBox

Ishita Gupta

Not just a good writer, she is also a good orator. Ishita is really good with short blogs on Food and Businesses. She is the goto person for our captions  as well.

Budding Writers-

Abhishek Thakur

Abhishek Thakur

Our Team is full of all-rounders and he is one among them.He can design, He can write and even manages the team under him really well.

Akshat Jain

Akshat Jain

Akshat is one of the future tourch-bearers of Team FeedBox. He is a great Team Manager and a wonderful writer. He is witty, he is fun loving and he loves to walk around.

Darsh Myatra

Darsh Myatra

His sleep cycle is not according to the general humans, his questions are not that anyone can answer. But, his dedication level is also more than everyone else.

muskan tanwani

Muskan Tanwani

She loves to blog on topics related to girl power and motivation. She is also good with the research part is often found helping proof-reading articles of other writers..

Palkesh Sankle

Palkesh Sankle

He was the first one in team to bring forward Blogs related to persisting technical issues in Apps. After that he went on to write about many untouched Fields in FeedBlogs. He is also a good designer with food being his favorite niche.

Pragya Patidar

Pragya Patidar

She is the most favourite of seniors if any serious work is to be done. Pragya is really good with Deadlines. She is also our go-to person for technical blogs and content related stuff.

Pranjal Sahu

Pranjal Sahu

Pranjal, is the newest in the team. She is always ready for new challenges and knows how to use her brain smartly. She is yet to explore her full potential, but she has all qualities of becoming a great leader in future.

Priyanka Tomar

Priyanka Tomar

Priyanka is really good with marketing skills and is always willing to try new things. She always tries uncommon blog topics that proves to be really important for our readers.


Isha Ghyar

She Likes to try different things. She is more into spiritual and motivational stuffs and is always in search of something that can improve her personality and inner-self. She loves to help people in need.

Kunal Bhakre

Krunal Bhakre

He is good in keeping his work minimal and easy to grasp. He his good with listening. So, if you are someone who loves to talk and do not want the other person to speak, You can come to him. He is always there.

Harsh Sharma

Harsh Sharma

Apart from being a good writer, he also likes public speaking and often participates in debates. He has a deep interest in Finance. So, is also found playing with numbers in his free time.


Anurag Pal from Feedbox

Anurag Pal

He is the Youngest Member of our Team. The Solution to all our technical problems. He loves to edit videos or re-create them. You can find him at tea shops if he is not working.