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a room of one's own

Get a Room of one’s own

In a world full of distraction how does one create a space where only he/she can go? Where there’s no one else to disturb? Essentially that was the idea thrown out by Virginia Woolf in the 20th Century in a different context. She wrote an essay that became ‘A room of one’s own” in 1929. It had an impact on that era but that’s not the key point. The idea of a ‘room of one’s own’ is not only valid in the present times but is expanding its boundaries.

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What it meant then?

When the text was written in the 20th century, the main aim was to address the status of women. Women artists in particular, in a time when it was a common theme to impose duties on women. Right, burden them with a child and a dependency of a man. There are lots of debates on the independence of women in the past. But this highlighted a ‘space’ as a part of independence. Having money of her own and space where she can work freely.

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Woolf meant that women should have money and a room of their own if she is to write fiction. Is it changing so far? It’s debatable. Does this notion still hold today? Are women independent is the big question? Can they find a skill that they can monetize? Is a space of independent women changing in society? Answers vary and the question remains.

Although we are seeing the change in society and there’s an uprise in the situation of women. Although, the acceptance of women’s independence is still a concept dwindling amongst houses.

A room of your own meant many things then. It means many things now.

What it means now?

The context earlier threw light on women and the need to have a space of their own if they wanted to write. Today I feel that context is not restricted to women and it’s not just for writing. It speaks more about having a space of your own where you can place a bet, a guarantee that you won’t be disturbed. A room where you know you won’t be disturbed. Space where you have a surety that you can’t be distracted.

We all know the world we live in. And, it’s definitely not focused. I am constantly hit by the latest news headlines, popped up by the notifications of the gram, grilled by the autoplay button, wasted by the binge circle of a show everyone’s talking about, obliterated by the live circus that politicians play, and have my screams from my parents in lieu of the work that I forget to complete. I haven’t started on my personal life. The same case is with many of us.

Call to Action

90 years have passed and now it means a whole other thing. A brand new meaning can be found in the very phrase. It can resonate with almost everyone out there. A Room of one’s own is not merely pointing towards a secluded space but an opportunity to shut down the ‘noise’, the noise of outside and to master a skill or two.

Get yourself lost. Go to struggle. A struggle you yourself would pursue that would help you find pieces of peace to which we’re blind right now. Find your path. Gain your goddamn skill.

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We all are culprits from focus.

NO longer it focuses on writing but what about a skill that you wanted to gain.
How about a new language you are to learn? Losing weight? How does playing a song on Guitar sound like? Have you finished all your goals for the year?
All these things take time and it demands a certain pace of focused time.

That’s why the ‘environment’ is so important. It is acting like a space for getting things done. The office environment works like that. That can be verified by the results in the long term. It is kind of a room of one’s own. It functions for both, the employers and the employees of the company.

My takeaway

Lastly, I want to say, we live in this fancy world of the internet where everything shows up. What I am getting to is that today it’s hard to focus on what you want and how you are going to achieve it. But what can be taken away from this famous essay? As far as I am concerned the phrase asserts that one should have a ‘space’ where he can go. A key to the door for a ‘room of ones’ own’ where its easy to focus on the projects to be done, a skill to be gained, and a goal waiting to be achieved.

“In this world, where the distractions never end.
Find a space for your work that still stands”

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August 31, 2020

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