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5 Ways to earn with your creativity.

What if I tell you that you could earn a good sum of money by using your creativity.

Do you feel that you are good at creating new stuff? And do you consider yourself as creative? Then this article is for you. We are all in our home and have our PC’s near us, and how would it feel if you could make some earnings by using them?!

Here I am with some online platforms that you all could use while being at home, and by putting some efforts can make good money. So let’s check them out.

List of online platforms.

1. Redbubble

Redbubble is a website that let’s new creators to showcase their creativity in the form of designs. This website let’s creator to design, and being a print-on-demand business they sell those art design. Basically, on Redbubble people have to make art designs for products like T-shirts, Cellphone covers, Stickers, and all other products. Then the website displays it, all the rest is their responsibility.

They handle everything from printing to delivering it to the customer. All we have to do is Just Design and they do the rest. And they pay us when our product/design is sold. They pay us a margin from the selling price, and that’s how we earn. The payment is done via PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account. It is really simple and authentic. You all should check it out.

Visit here: Redbubble

2. Teespring

This is also similar as redbubble. Here also you just have to design for them, and they do the rest. This is more of a dedicated website towards designing. They have a whole lot of products for you to design for. From T-shirts to Face Masks and Backpacks, you get a very wide range of products to design for.

They also pay you the margin from the selling price. And the payment is through PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account.

Visit Here: Teespring

3. Shutterstock

If you have a good photography skills and want you get money from that then this platform is for you. Shutterstock is a website that pays you for clicking photographs. All you have to do is Click some really professional looking photo graphs. Click some really good quality pictures and upload it onto there platform, they will put it on their wall. And when someone buys your picture you are payed.

They too pay you the margin from the selling price, but trust me the margin is also enough. You just have to be little patient for the sales to begin and once they are on then their is no looking back. Shutterstock pays you via PayPal, Payoneer and skrill.

Visit here: Shutterstock

4. Smugmug

This is also similar platform like shutterstock but here the only difference is the profit. This website is generally used by professionals for buying photographs & templates, so the profit range is also pretty good.

Though it is one level above to shutterstock in terms of content and competition therefore more efforts and consistency is required but it is worth it. It pays to you via PayPal.

Visit here: Smugmug

5. ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange)

Do you think that you can read good? And is your voice really good? If yes, then you should check it out. ACX is a website that pay you to record audiobooks. Many people do not prefer paperback books, they want someone to narrate them the story while they complete another task. And hence, they choose audiobooks.

On ACX, authors choose the artist that they think is perfect for narrating a character from the book. Thus, all you have to do is just visit their website and submit your voice sample. The website would ask you to complete small tasks and ask you to read out some passages. And once you pass these task which basically are easy, then they display you in their narrator’s list so the author can see and pick you up.

You can choose how you want to get paid, you can either take a one time payment or can choose a royalty of upto 50%. So every time your audiobook is sold you receive upto 50% of its selling price.

Visit here: ACX

So, folks, these were 5 best platforms you could use to make earnings using your creativity and talent. Do check it out and start earning. And as a matter of fact, all these methods require consistent efforts and patience. It’s not an overnight money making method, this requires determination, consistency, and patience.

And once you get it going and make a good base, then you all set to go and earn some good cash. All you need is some creativity, talent, and a PayPal account. Check these out and share your views.

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