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Movies that catch your attention even before the release of their trailer are supposed to either your favourite superstars or maybe a storyline that has created an unusual hype. Your decision about watching a movie depends on various factors. This may include the lead actors, the storyline, the music or direction. Some movies inspite of having an unique storyline are being flop in the box office market. Thus categorised as a underrated movies.

There are about 2577 films incarnated every year as per IMDB.

A huge part of this catches your sight but, the hidden part of this iceberg never gets a chance to perceive the love and fame it deserves. The stupendous talent of such stars remains concealed behind the superstars. Producing a movie takes a lot of things to be assembled together. Therefore, not only the actors but also the other crew members never get the recognition they deserve.
So here’s a glimpse of the most underrated movies of all time including both Bollywood and Hollywood creations.

1. Titli (2014)

Source- Yash Raj Films

No this isn’t about some girl who loves to fly and spread colours. This movie depicts a small part of the reality of our nation that we often ignore but tend to remember while passing on a street amidst a lonely night. A guy named titli plays the lead role and wants to quit the family business of car-jacking. He gets married to Neelu, the female lead who has the permission of seeking her boyfriend even after her marriage, just that his boyfriend needs to pay her husband. Ranvir Shorey has acted very well in the role of Vikram. Titli’s elder brothers and his father get their needs fulfilled by car robbery. Moreover, the trailer is filled with fun, comedy and at the same time depicts the fact that how filthy a person can become to meet his daily needs.

IMDB Rating- 7.6/10 TOI rating – 5/5
Genre- Drama/Comic
Cast – Shashank Arora, Ranvir Shorey, Shivani Raghuwanshi, Amit Sal, Lalit Behl.
Director- Kanu Behl

2. The Master (2012)

Source- YouTube

This is one of those underrated movies which tends to be an exceptional piece of cinema. The movie is based in the time of post-war and is about Freddie Quell (Phoenix), a World War II Navy veteran who is battling for adjustment and happens to meet Lancaster Dodd, who is leading a religious movement known as ‘The Cause’. Freddie takes immense interest in ‘The cause’ and so travels with Dodd who also accepts him. This movie depicts the humiliating yet symbiotic relation between causes and followers in the modern era when belief systems are no longer framing the systems. This drama captures the vigilance of the audience that tends to explore the acting and the direction of the movie

Genre- Drama
Cast- Joaquin Phoenix, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, Jesse Plemons, Ambyr Childers, Rami Malek, Laura Dern
Director- Paul Thomas Anderson

3. 15 Park Avenue (2005)


This is one of the most sensitive underrated movies which is about ‘Meethi’ who is suffering from schizophrenia. This movie considers mental illness in a different way. Also, it makes us realize that people who live in imagination have the right to do so. Konkana Sen Sharma has done an amazing job as Meethi, the lead character. She has a sister named Anu played by Shabana Azmi who has a powerful personality and works as a professor. The story explains how trauma affects Mithi and weaves around her relationship with her sister and Joydeep played by Rahul Bose. Joy deeply wanted to marry her but after being aware of her mental illness he refuses to do so and comes back in her life after some time. 15 Park Avenue normalises mental illness and perhaps deserved a lot of more credits.

IMDB RATING – 7.1/10
Genre- Drama/Romance
Cast – Konkana Sen Sharma, Shabana Azmi, Rahul Bose, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Kanwaljit Singh, Shefali Shah, Waheeda Rehman.
Director – Aparna Sen

4. Better off dead (1985)

Source – Amazon

An all-time Rom-Com, which is based on the life of a high school student who decides to commit suicide after facing a series of humiliations and rejection from his girlfriend. He feels pity for himself after being surrounded by people who he considers superior to him including his brother who is a genius kid building powerful lasers at an age of 8. After his breakup he finds himself drowned in the sea of sorrow and makes several suicidal attempts which all comically fail. In Between, his misery and depression enter another girl who happens to have a crush on him. She tries to rebuild his confidence and helps him with a competition against his ex’s current boyfriend. This movie is hilariously comic and has subtle humour in it.

IMDB Rating- 7.1/10
Genre- Comic/Romantic
Cast- John Cusack, Diane Franklin, Kim Darby, Curtis Armstrong, Amanda Wyss, David Ogden, Dan Schneider
Director- Savage Steve Holland

5. Sonchiriya (2019)

Source- JustDial

This movie is one of the most underrated movies This movie has an enormously talented cast including Sushant Singh Rajput, Manoj Bajpayee, Bhumi Pednekar and Ranvir Shorey. Sonchiriya takes us back to the time when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of our country. The plot is based in Chambal which is more or less lawless. Man Singh (Manoj B), Vakil Singh( Ranvir Shorey), Lakhna(Sushant) are the members of a gang headed by the first. Man Singh is in need of money and asks both of his gang’s members to rob an ongoing marriage. They meet Indumati(Bhumi Pednekar) who is saving her sister sonchiriya. She kills his father in law and runs away from the family who wants to kill her. She asks help from Vakil and Lakhna and this causes their disintegration. This story portrays the rebels, justice and a dark side of that era.

IMDB rating- 7.9/10
Genre – Action, Crime, Drama
Cast- Sushant Singh Rajput, Bhumi Pednekar, Manoj Bajpayee, Ranvir Shorey, Ashutosh Rana, Gagandev Riar.
Director- Abhishek Chaubey

Hoping that this quick review of some underrated movie will help you to save your time you have been spending on your ‘what to watch while bored’ searches.
Happy watching!

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