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benefits of running

When we talk about one of the best and effective ways to lose weight most of the people jump into running compared to other exercises. Reason being it involves movement of the whole body and it burns more calories per minute. Benefits of running are countless.

Research shows that it also helps you in achieving personal and professional goals in life. Many runners tell stories of how it taught them an important life lesson. The discipline and confidence which running gave them started to reflect in other areas, be it their business goals, health issues or any other professional goal. This teaches a simple truth: Effort produces results, no effort produces nothing.

Here are some benefits of running, apply them in your life and you will start to notice the difference

1. Running adds life to your years

Researches show that runners gain about 3yrs of extra life reason being great cardiovascular fitness, better body composition, stronger bones, low cholesterol, better neurological functioning.

Those who stay involved in running for longer period maintains better biological profiles than their peer group. The older the subjects became, the greater the advantages seen among runners.

2. Running helps you lose weight and gain confidence

Because running involves movement of the whole body it helps you burn calories faster compared to other exercises. Just to give you an estimate running burn roughly 100 calories per mile.

Losing weight isn’t difficult but maintaining it is. Studies show that individuals can easily reduce weight in about six months but after another six to 18 months it returns back. Only one set of the group is immune to it. They are those who commit to a consistent long-term exercise regiment. So the benefits of running are understood by individuals in long term.

3. Running improves your immunity

Regular and consistent exercising and running boost your immunity. It increases white blood cells and antibodies which are important for staying healthy and fighting diseases. Running fast increases your body temperature which helps the body fight off infection, Similar to how a fever works.

Regular running helps rid the lungs of airborne bacteria and viruses. Under high intense training your chances of getting infection contracts compared to a person exercising at a moderate level.

4. Running in the morning reduces stress

One of the best benefits of running in the morning is that it leaves you boosted and energised for the whole day. While running our body releases chemicals like dopamine and serotonin which are good for our brain.

Running brings discipline in our life which helps us to flourish in our personal and professional life as well. In all, it reduces stress and helps us to see our vision clearly.

5. Running helps you sleep better

Aerobic exercises like running reduce your stress levels. The stress of common cause of sleep problems. Besides this Runnin helps you to maintain anxiety and mood disorders. When we do exercise and running in the morning our body need rest at night to recover from the muscle damage and tiredness we get while exercising.

Although if you do running in the evening it might boost your energy level and that may cause you trouble in sleeping early. That is the reason why physicians always recommend running and exercising in the morning.

Lastly, before running take a cup of black coffee. It will boost your energy level. In the initial day keep the workout short until you get used to it.

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October 8, 2020

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