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5 All-time favorite rom-com books of 2020

A list of 5 all time favourite rom-com books in 2020.

Books are one of the best sources of knowledge, also they are used as a source of entertainment, fun and sometimes people use it as a tool to escape reality and dive into a land of fantasies.

People who consider themselves as bibliophiles are passionate about these books and have a kind of addiction to books. This blog is mainly focused on our readers that consider reading as their passion and are mining for some good books to read.

This blog is a list of 5 most favorite and lovely rom-com books that are trending and are most read this year. I chose the genre of ROMCOM’S because this is a really good and satisfying niche for the romance craving readers.

Let’s start and get to the first books in our list.

1. The Hating Game.

By : Sally Thorne.

Hating Game, super cute romcom that you should consider reading.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is a great romance novel. It is a book framing a romance story of 2 enemies that turn into lovers as the story progresses. It is sweet, addictive, witty and absolutely a great book to read in this boring and adventure-less lifestyle of ours.

This is a classic enemy to lovers’ romance. It has a story of Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, the whole plot is based on how these two are office colleagues and how in starting they try to piss off and irritate each other for one promotion in their firm. In this book, you would get laughter as well as a sweet romance story. It is very funny to see how much a person can pull himself or herself down just to make the other irritated and increase the tension in the story.

Well with all of this funny plot we get to see a wicked, witty and a cute romance story too. So I would recommend this book to all the romance readers out there. It will not disappoint you all, you all would truly enjoy it.

2. The Kiss Quotient.

By: Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang is a pretty good Rom-Com book. If you are looking for a light and quick read but need a good touch of romance and a realistic plot, then this is what you need.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang is a pretty good Rom-Com book. If you are looking for a light and quick read but need a good touch of romance and a realistic plot, then this is what you need.

The story is about Stella Lane and Michael Larsen, it is a classic, contemporary romance book. Stella is autistic and has some bad past relationship issues. She thinks that it’s due to her inability to satisfy her partners physically. So to overcome this thought of hers’s she hires Michael who is a male escort. Stella wants him to teach her how to be good in bed.

As the story progresses they both fall in love and finally end up together. This book is a complete package of romance, break-up, good plot, and story. For the readers, it will be a perfect read to go for.

3. To all the Boy’s I have Loved before Series.

By: Jenny Han.

To all the boy's is a really cute and the best Rom-Com. It is a recommendation for the rom-com readers.

To all the boys is really cute and the best Rom-Com I have ever read. The simple and sweet plot of this book is so cute. And involving that there were many moments where I thought I would like my relationship to be like this.

The story is of Lara Jean, Lara wrote letters to her 5 high school crush, and her sister kitty posts those letters and then starts the story. The first book is all about Lara Jean having a fake relationship with Peter Kavinsky to make Josh (her sister’s boyfriend) jealous. But simultaneously Lara and Peter fall for each other and become committed.

In the second book, Lara Jean and Peter’s story is carried forward. The book consists of the entry of her 3rd crush John Ambros. In this book, Lara Jean is in dilemma between John and Peter. As she likes both and doesn’t know whom she wants to be with. But in the end, chooses Peter. Well, we get to see a hearth breaking breakup of Lara Jean and Peter in this sequel.

In the 3rd book, Lara Jean and Peter’s story has a lot of drama. As they are all in the final year in this book and they both get admission to 2 different universities. Then due to some issues, Peter’s mom asks Lara Jean to break up with Peter (Here we are with the 2nd breakup of Peter and Lara Jean). But finally, in the end, Peter and Lara Jean end up together and we have a happy ending.

I did not disclose every detail in here as I don’t want to spoil their cute and mushy romance. But the above-noted details are enough for you all to get pumped with adrenaline and go read the trilogy.

4. Rules & Ruby.

By: Kaustubhi Singh

Rules & Ruby by Kaustubhi Singh is a Wattpad Novel. Finest Rom-Com ever.

Rules & Ruby by Kaustubhi Singh is a Wattpad Novel. Well, Kaustubhi is a budding writer. She has 2 of her novels posted on Wattpad. But guys believe me this is a perfect Rom-Com piece you all would ever read.

So Rules & Ruby is a story of Ruby Thomas and Shaimay Ahuja. Shaimay is an autistic guy also considered as a walking rule book. And is a reserved type of person. Whereas Ruby is a bold, chatty, and an extrovert.

The plot basically is like, Shaimay is in his dad’s business of production. And Ruby is hunting jobs so as to get some money and pay for her mother’s treatment. Shaimay and Ruby are school friends but have not seen each other for a long time. The production company comes with a new concept of filming 2 strangers and letting them ask some questions to each other. But the partner with whom Ruby has to shoot is not available so Shaimay is been asked to shoot the video with her, and then the story starts.

We get to see a mushy romance and a good plot with so many heart-wrenching twists. The story is been written so well that it bounds the readers to itself. And wants them to read the whole novel in one go.

I literally did enjoy reading that book and I highly recommend you guys to go check it out ASAP. The link is here: Rules and Ruby

5. Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.

By: Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz is the greatest book

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz is the greatest book from all the above-listed books. This book is my favorite and my everyday pick.

This is an LGBTQ romance book. It’s about two American-Mexican teenage boys who fall in love with each other. As the title says Aristotle Mendoza and Dante Quintana are the lead characters of the book. Aristotle is an angry, sad, introvert, and has a darker view of life. Whereas Dante is all happy chatty and a mature character.

The story does not have a serious plot. The story just flows and we being the readers just connect with the story and go with the flow. Like all other teenagers, Aristotle is anxious about life and is an angry young man. Ari is trying to find out what he wants from himself and wants to know others. Ari and Dante’s friendship is really sweet. They perfectly complete each other. Their shy romance is all we need as a reader.

The way the writer has framed the story is A+. I was into the story for the whole time. I never wanted to keep the book down even for a moment. The way the writer has kept the plot going just keeps us all attached to the story. And makes us feel the depth of the story. We as readers are able to feel pain, happiness, care, love everything. The writing is so well that I’m a FAN of this book.

Even LGBTQ was a pretty new concept for me to start my reading hobby but this book was worth it. I highly recommend this book to you all. I would really tell everyone about this book and brag about it to almost every person I can. Because this is an absolute piece of perfect work.

As you have visited this post, check this book, and read it. And then let me know in the comment section how you felt about this rom-com book.

That’s all guys. This was the list of 5 best Rom-Com books of 2020. Do check them out and read them, they will really make you all happy and go whoop.

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