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Breakfast is the first meal of the day. It must be tasty and fulfilling. Breakfast gives us energy for the day. Doctors suggest people who take proper breakfast, don’t eat more during lunch.

What if you are having tasty and healthy breakfast options? What if your breakfast adds taste and nutritious also? Yes, it is possible. When you add nutritious to food it becomes healthier. It gives you taste and energy.

We all are living a very busy and hectic life nowadays, sometimes it seems unreal to spare time for making breakfast. That’s why someone ends up having cornflakes, bread butter or any other readymade but unhealthy dishes. Which won’t affect just your body, it also affects your mind if taken early in the morning.

There are a few food options which are healthy and the way we cook it, it becomes tasty as well. Don’t forget once you replace unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones, you can get a better dish. There is a very thin line between healthy and unhealthy food, choice of ingredients.

Here we have suggested a few healthy and tasty breakfast ideas to cook at home:


Sprout Chat
Source –swatisani

Sprouts have a good amount of protein and carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates help you to stay full for a longer time. Take some boiled sprouts. Add some chopped vegetables on it. You can even pill beetroot and cucumber on it. Squeeze a lemon and add some black pepper on it. Mix gently and enjoy it.

You can add homemade sev and puffed rice for the more tasty and crunchy dish.


Masala Oats
Source – Food52

Don’t feel irritated by reading the word “oats”. It is a healthy food option. Do you know can make it tasty as well?

Turn on the flame. Put olive oil in it, add peanuts and cashews in it. Add your favourite chopped vegetables. Sauté it. Now add some water, after that allow it to boil. Add your favourite masala, yes you can even add Maggi magic masala. Add paneer cubes if you like. Finally, add some oats. It’s ready. Tasty, delicious and healthy. The other name is “oats upma“.

Good carbohydrates and fibres from vegetables can make your day better and energetic.


Curd Sandwich
Source – My Tasty Curry

Who doesn’t like the quick and easy recipe? In a bowl take some fresh curd, add black pepper and other your favourite spices. Add some chopped vegetables and mix it well. Now take 2 slices of brown bread or multi-grain bread. Add the stuff in it and enjoy your healthy sandwich. You can shallow fry using olive oil if you want.

Curd gives you the best probiotics, which helps in digestion and keeps your gut healthy.


Homemade Protein Shake
Source – Good Housekeeping

Protein is an essential nutrient for muscle building or fat loss. It also helps to build muscles.

Take a glass of cold or warm milk. Add 2 cut banana in it. Now add some almonds, peanuts and flaxseeds in it. Mix these things in a jar. The protein shake is ready!

Combination of natural sugar and proteins help you to stay full for a longer time.

Bananas are the natural source of potassium, dietary fibre, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, don’t worry it has no unhealthy fat.


Moong Dal Dosa
Source Veg Recipies of India

Soak some moong daal overnight. Blend it in a mixture jar, add some water if needed. Now make a thick batter, add chopped vegetables and your favourite spices in it. 

On a pan some drops of oil. Make a dosa using batter. Cook it for a minute. Now flip the side. And dosa is ready. Enjoy it with homemade chutney or tomato sauce.

Moong daal is a natural source of protein, added vegetables provide you fibre.


Bread Upma
Source – VegeCravings

Take some bread and cut into pieces. Now put some oil in a pan and add cumin seeds in it. After that add chopped onions, tomatoes and chilli in it. Sauté it well. Add diced bread pieces in it and sprinkle your favourite spices. Enjoy the meal.

Upma is the best meal for consuming good carbohydrates, it helps you to stay fit for a longer time.


Paneer chat
Source foodviva

Hearing this for the first time? Take some milk, allow it to boil, squeeze a lemon in it. Now observe the paneer is made. Turn off the flame. Filter the paneer using a muslin cloth. 

On a Tawa heat some oil, add cumin seeds and your favourite chopped vegetables. Now add this paneer and spices. Mix it well. Cook it and serve in the dish. A very good source of homemade protein. You can also add some sprouts in it.

Paneer is rich in protein, which helps in structure building and functioning.


Homemade Chocolate
 Source –

Chocolate is healthy? Yes, it is. 

Take a slab of dark chocolate, boil it and let it get melted. (To melt the chocolate use glassware and out it on the cooker.) After that add some honey in it. Mix it well. You can add your favourite nuts to make it tastier. Now fill the ice trays with this liquid. Allow it to freeze. And enjoy the chocolate.

It’s full of iron, magnesium, copper and manganese.


Rava Uttapam
Source – Times Food

Rava Uttapam is a very quick and easy recipe. For this take some rava flour. Add curd on it. Then add chopped vegetables in it.

Now hit the pan, add some oil and start making dosa from this batter. Cook it both of the sides properly. Serve with homemade chutney. It is high in carbohydrates which will keep you feel full for longer hours.

This gives you feel of dosa, you can have this with sambhar as well.

Rava uttapam gives you very good carbohydrates and vegetables help you to fulfil the need of fibres in the body.


Wash beetroot and tomatoes properly. Peel the skin of beetroot. Boil both of them in a cooker. Let it cool. Now in a jar add both of these and make a puree.

Hit the pan, add some olive oil. Add some ginger chilli paste, add the puree afterwards. Let it cook completely. Add some water, sugar and salt. Cook it properly on a low flame. Now serve it, you can have toast with this soup. It is high in nutritious and super tasty.

Needless to say these vegetables give you fibres, vitamin A and  vitamin C by consuming fewer calories


All the dishes mentioned here are healthy yet tasty and fulfilling. Start taking your breakfast perfectly, and within a few days, you’ll notice improvements in your physical health as well as mental health. 

Some of these food dishes you can also carry at your workplace or classes as healthy snacks. It will surely help you to stay fit and fine. In a busy lifestyle, you can prioritise your health only if you want.

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